Coconino County Sheriff's Department Offers New Program for Citizens

Starting on Tuesday March 22 the Coconino County Sheriffs Office will begin offering a new training class that will be free to the public. This is a two hour class covering situation awareness and active shooter survival. This class is being introduced due to the past and rise in public shootings.

Corporal William Mitchell explained that the class is two parts starting with situation awareness. This explains going through the process of knowing what is going on around you. Situation awareness teaches you to detect a possible event before it happens so you are not caught off guard in an active shooter situation.

The active shooter portion of the class builds on situation awareness to detect an active shooter event. It also uses what has been learned from past active shooter events from the side of civilians and police. Taking these past lessons it gives people the tools to handle an active shooter event saving themselves and potentially others.

Through this training program the sheriffs office hopes people gain public awareness and vigilance.

This video features Corporal William Mitchell of the Coconino County Sheriffs Department.

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Valuable information and hopefully it may benefit many of them through training classes.