Coconino Humane Association Asking Community for Help

Coconino Humane Association is facing financial troubles after their water pipelines broke. Michelle Ryan, executive director, says that the humane association had to pay around $7,000 to repair the damaged pipeline. 6 months later and they are having issues with the same pipeline. The pipeline is located between the laundry room and kennel room.

In order to fix the problem, the ground will have to be dug up, which will cause stress to the animals and force them to be relocated. The Coconino Humane Association is reaching out to the community of Flagstaff for help in repairing the 42 year-old building. They are doing multiple online fundraisers in efforts to help cover all of the costs.

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Homebuyers - 2 yıl Before

Much needed information and we hope pipeline will repair as soon as possible. We should also help them together in online fundraising program so that cost will cover as soon as possible.

ady @Homebuyers - 1 yıl Before

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ady - 1 yıl Before

Hey can you please check this out helpful blog,thanks for helping us! vegan HR