10 Tips to excel in Class 9 Olympiad

Class 9 is a middle school level and is the most crucial period in every student's life.

10 Tips to excel in Class 9 Olympiad

Class 9 is a middle school level and is the most crucial period in every student's life. Sad to say that almost 90% of the students are under academic pressure and stress. It is due to having a hectic curriculum, not being clear with the concepts, and failing to understand. So, encouraging them to attempt the Olympiad examinations at their class level will motivate them and make them excel in thinking and analyzing ability. Olympiads are competition exams held at the secondary school level to instill dilemmas and analytic abilities in pupils. It also emphasizes the study of mathematics topics. The purpose of these tests is to prepare the youngster for upcoming contests and obstacles that may be thrown their way.

  • First and foremost, try to understand the syllabus for the olympiad examinations because knowing the syllabus and understanding forms the basis of the preparation. A detailed study and analysis of the syllabus are to be made since class 9 for the Olympiad examination will be based on the CBSE AND ICSE BOARD.
  • The next step is to prepare a well strategic study plan in advance daily, devoting at least 1.5 hours to 2.00 hours for every subject except Mathematics since Mathematics is a subject that requires putting in a lot of effort to understand the concepts, formulae, and theorems by giving a lot of Practice problems.
  • Kindly allow some time apart from studying and practice to follow the homework given by the respective teachers without skipping or procrastinating the homework. It will also give an edge in understanding and remembering the concepts taught during the class hours on a particular day.
  • Maintaining the notes of classwork and homework is very important and will act as a footnote for your Olympiad preparation. Reviewing the notes continuously and paying special attention to the teacher's example problem and concepts will greatly help. 
  • Try to solve quizzes, mock papers containing the sample questions, and look into the previous year's questions.  Doing so will give you a basic idea about the examination pattern and the standard of questions asked in the Olympiad examination. The difficulty level for class 9 Examinations will be high and also will be complex. So, it is necessary to be in touch with concepts and practice regularly. Practice the IMO Maths Olympiad Sample Question Paper 1 Class 9  for getting better marks.
  • It is known that the perception of the concepts of the people differs from each other. Consequently, if you have any difficulty in understanding a concept will be at ease if you join hands with the Study Partner or with a study group. If you are a participant of a study group, kindly be active in exchanging ideas and practice by framing questions and sharing and solving by discussing.
  • A break in your preparation is deserved after some hours of immense studying as a reward for your hard work. Figuring out to treat yourself will help in self-motivation. For instance, you could do some activity that makes you enjoy, such as playing a game, eating, going out and meeting friends, etc. The most notable thing is that these activities should not cause any distraction and hinder your preparation for taking up Olympiad examinations.
  • Have a healthy diet and be conscious about the food you take as overeating or taking the food which spoils the health and makes you fall sick is not recommended. If you fall sick at any point in time before the examinations, all your hard work and efforts will be like water poured in the sand.
  • Do not let any factor discourage you in the middle of your preparation or till the end of the examinations blocking your success. Therefore have the right attitude towards your goal and stay optimistic.
  • At the same time, do not get influenced by your peers on a wrong note, which diverts your preparation path, putting you under stress and mental pressure.
  • Enjoy learning a subject out of fun and solve problems innovatively. Olympiad preparation is when you can learn and develop many skills and abilities that enhance the future to look back later with delight.
  • Finally, coming to the end of preparation, which will yield success for your hard work and all the good efforts made by you, should not go in vain if one does not know how to manage time effectively. One of the most crucial factors in any competitive examination is time management.  Accordingly, a student should practice managing the examination within the given time, which should not be a barrier to your success.

Here are certain dos and don'ts that have to be followed on the day of examination :

  • Do not get influenced to learn any new concepts on the exam day, as this may reduce the preparation level by giving way to the path of failure.
  • Be present at the examination center, even if it is your school, at least an hour before the commencement of the examination.
  • Stay calm and cool when you enter the examination hall and ensure that the system allotted to you is in proper condition if the examination is conducted online.
  • If the examination is conducted offline, kindly ensure the given answer sheet is proper without any tears and ensure that it contains the seal of the examination center.
  • Do not panic and get discouraged if you find the examination difficult or cannot answer the questions on time.
  • Kindly avoid Mal practicing in the examination as this will degrade the quality of your preparation and negatively impact your future.
  • Do not carry any electronic gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, calculators, or possessions materials, as this will disqualify you from the examination.

Despite your hard work, if you encounter failure, always consider that a stepping stone of success and do not put yourself down, and understand that learning is an evolving process and not an ending process. Believe in the late Dr.APJ Abdulkalam that FAIL means First Attempt In Learning and get motivated.

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