Are Your Kids Safe? Facts about Video Games

Research indicates that almost every teenager has some kind of device to play video games

Are Your Kids Safe? Facts about Video Games

An age of worry for parents, indeed.

Research indicates that almost every teenager has some kind of device to play video games. And many of the games are portraying unhealthy content, violence, nudity, irresistible tasks, to name a few. But we are ignoring it. Aren’t we?

Gaming and effects related to them have not emerged as a mainstream issue till now. That is why, when they are talked about, we think of them no less than a conspiracy.

But, if so, research should not have shown such shocking results. Here is all that you need to know about video games, their impacts, and why your children's time on video games should be managed through cell phone monitoring.

What Impacts are Video Games Leaving on Your Children?

Let us start from a video game that is quite common among teenagers and has been a part of almost every adolescent’s life. Grand Theft Auto has been one of the most popular video games among teens, particularly boys. Surprisingly, despite being rated age-appropriate for 13 plus children, presentation of aggressive behavior, offensive language, and gun violence, this gives a lot of material that is questionable and cannot be digested easily by parents.

Not just that, it displays such problematic content but also normalizes through the scheme of the game.

The analysis and research done by Dr. Cindy Gellner of the University of Utah are worth reading. She says that many video games including the most popular ones (as the one mentioned above and others like Call of Duty and Mortal Combat) show and promote content like

  • Animal and human killing
  • Drugs use and abuse
  • Violation of law and authority figures
  • Criminal behavior
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Violence against women and racial minorities
  • Gender, sexual, and racial stereotypes

These graphics put tremendous effects on the well-being and development of a child. Studies show the following results.

-exposure to violent and aggressive content leaves a child immune and desensitized to violence occurring in real-time.

-children start imitating the acts of violence and show more aggressive behavior and don’t find it problematic as it is normalized through their stuff for entertainment

-exposure to nudity, erotic content makes a child become a part of unsafe and unhealthy sexual activities

-more exposure to violence leads to severer impacts on children

-obsession with these games leads to addictive behaviors and tendencies when video games are not in reach

-obsession also leads to poor social skills and sometimes asocial behaviors, reduced performance in schools

-spending most of the time of the day on video games makes teens overweight and they lack interest in exercising and other physical activities

-more video games mean more screen time that leads to many physical and mental health problems.

Monitor Your Child’s Activities

Every parent wants to monitor their children in a healthy, productive, and positive way. But not every method is appropriate and not every means of communication with your child is effective. So, start hunting for the ways of effective parenting to not just develop a bond between you and your kids but also to take them in confidence and managing their lives for a healthy upbringing.

Our solution for your child is as smart as the young generation is. FamilyTime cell phone monitoring app can make you get all the details of the activities that might be spoiling your child or inducing some problematic behaviors. Not just that, it gives you the control to close an app or game immediately if you think it is getting out of control or if your child is getting anxious or disturbed due to it. Check out this feature on their official website.

Before that, read the details that we think are the best when it comes to monitoring the cell phone of your child.

Check Over Activities

This app allows you to check what your child has been doing on the phone. Which apps are your kids using, which app is taking most of their time and attention, and which app or sites are showing them disturbing content? You can get the history of internet usage, the websites they have visited and many other things.

Block Specific Apps

When you find an app extremely problematic and unbearable, for example, video games showing adult or violent content, you can block that app in an instant. Moreover, with the FamilyTime parent app installed on your phone, you can allow or refuse permission for an app to be downloaded. So, nothing goes without your notice.

Schedule their Time on Apps or Screen

FamilyTime offers quite a customized monitoring, unlike many other parental apps. You want them to spend a limited time on a game while other apps remain in use, you can set a personalized schedule for it. It will be blocked when the time limit is met or when the schedule does not allow them to use it. Also, you can set a schedule or time limit for the whole device. The device will be locked temporarily during the time specified by you or when the time limit is met.

Put Instant Locks

We know how hard it is to see your children sticking to their phones while you want them on lunch or something else. But not when you can instantly lock their phones temporarily and get them on the table.


FamilyTime offers smart parenting solutions to many problems that occur with today's generation. Video gaming is one of the gravest concerns parents should be concerned about. This app has dealt with it beforehand. All you have to do is install an app and set it as per your requirements. Not just that, it is such an easy-to-use app that you would find no complication in its functions or operation. With countless features to facilitate parents, it is the app that has the potential to bring an end to your parental worries.

Check their website for further details of their functions and premium packages.

Updated Date: 01 November 2021, 15:08

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