Questions you must prepare yourself with for a government job Interview

Questions you must prepare yourself with for a government job Interview

The personal interview forms one of the most weighed parts of government exam recruitments like the tangedco recruitment. It has been observed that often the questions are asked from the background of the candidate. Sometimes, candidates are subject to stress tests by asking pressure questions. This is done to check how a candidate maintains his/her calm in tense situations also.

We see that written examinations are based on a syllabus declared by the recruitment authority like the tangedco syllabus, but there is no prescribed syllabus for an interview.

To ease out your preparation, we have compiled some commonly asked questions in the interviews, check these out!

  1. Tell us something about yourself?

This is the most common question and the most important one also. It is asked in almost every exam as an ice breaker question to start the conversation. You must strategize your answer to this question well in advance. The idea behind putting so much mind behind this answer is that it will help you drive the interview in your direction. Whatever you say in this answer, may be cross-questioned or discussed further. Don't just list what you've done so far or are doing currently, but frame it all as a story that correctly sets you up perfectly for this job.

  1. Why do you want to get into a government job?

This question is designed to know your motivation to work within the government. The most important thing to consider while answering this question is that you must not answer it in an overly emotional way or look fake. Plan your answer as per what you believe. Do not lay a lot of emphasis on the perks and salary aspect of the job. Try to focus on the foundational reasons and how being a government employee would serve the nation as a whole.

  1. What would you change in this organization/department/agency? Or What solutions do you suggest to meet the XYZ issue undertaken by our agency?

This question is framed majorly to test your knowledge about the agency for which you applied. You must know the current news about the agency as well as its history. You should know what it does and what its scope is in the country. You should have an idea about how it functions. The second thing that you are being judged on here is your creativity and vision to solve problems with innovative solutions. So, do your homework before going to the interview.

  1. What is your greatest strength and weakness?

            This question is asked to check how much the candidate knows himself and to gain insight on his personality.DO not be boastful about your strengths but confidently state them. You may be asked to give examples from your life where your strength really helped you, so give a thought to it. Now, listing your weakness is the tricky part. Nobody wants to look deficit, especially in a place where they are supposed to market themselves in the best way possible. So, the way to answer this question is, to be honest. You must state one of your flaws or weaknesses and balance it out by stating how you are trying to get over it or have already controlled it. For example, if your weakness is anger, you can say that you have started to meditate and have greatly overcome it. Remember, do not try hard to put your ‘negative to positive’ like “I’m a perfectionist” or “ I work too hard at times”, they are super experienced people who see right through.

Hope this small read helps you prepare better for your interviews!