What all you need to know to prepare for class 5 maths Olympiad

International maths Olympiad [IMO] is conducted annually. Hundreds of students appear for this exam

What all you need to know to prepare for class 5 maths Olympiad

International maths Olympiad [IMO] is conducted annually. Hundreds of students appear for this exam, but only few manage to pass it. IMO is not any ordinary school exam; it is an exam conducted on national level. There are 2 levels of the exam. You can opt for these exams irrespective of your board [ CBSE, state board, ICSE, IGCSE etc.]. These exams look for talented students with good analytical skills. You develop these skills if you opt for these exams.

The reason to choose to give math Olympiad is not only that your logical reasoning skills and knowledge improves but you also receive awards, medals and certificates for your performance. All the details of the Olympiad are easily available on the official website of IMO.

The things that you should keep in your mind for class 5 maths Olympiad preparations are:

  • Subjects and paper pattern;

The most basic thing to know are your subjects and the marks that it carries. Take a look;

  1. Logical reasoning:

This paper comprises of 15 questions of 1 mark each. Total 15 marks paper.

  1. Mathematical reasoning:

This paper has 20 questions of 1 mark each and is a 20 marks paper.

  1. Everyday mathematics:

This paper is of 10 marks each question carries 1 mark and is a 10 marks paper.

  1. Achievers section:

This paper has only 5 questions in total but each question is 3 marks making it a 15 marks paper.

Hence, Class 5 maths Olympiad has 50 questions and basically is a 60 marks paper comprising of 4 subjects.

  • Studying right:

Yes, you have to study but the right way is important. Firstly, study from class 5 maths textbook so you clear out your basics. Once you are done with your maths textbook start solving some problems based on it because basic math questions are also asked. After building a momentum study from the material provided to you.

  • Reference books:

If you feel that any topic is hard or is a bit tricky then you may opt for reference books, mostly reference books are not needed but there is no harm in reading and solving more.

  • Focusing on solving

Maths is about application and hence contains very less theory. Therefore, you should practice math problems regularly. Solve as many questions you can. The study material provided to you also has questions for practice and so you shall solve all of them. More the number of questions more the chance to score high.

  • Online coaching:

Preparing for an exam can be tricky because of pressure. Some topics may be confusing and hard to understand, don’t let such topics become hurdle in your preparations. Many free lectures are available online and online coaching can also be used.

  • Make a schedule and organise your studies:

Apart from the Olympiad exam you also need to manage your school. For this you need to manage your schedule. Giving 2 hours everyday is enough for the math Olympiad. The Olympiad is a matter of weeks and so that you shall manage your school work with studies.

  • Practice on OMR sheet:

Before heading for the main exam and once you have finished your revisions you should definitely practice on an OMR sheet, this will help you decrease your stress in the main exam.

  • Test papers:

Maths is all about practicing problems. Solving past year papers will increase your chance to score higher. Revising and solving papers is the best preparation tip and you should not skip this. At the end of the day its all about how many problems you solve. Set a timer and solve question papers so that you are fully prepared for the main exam. For your reference you may solve IMO class 5 2012 question paper.

  • Solving Logical reasoning:

Maths Olympiads are based on logical reasoning and if you make this strong it would benefit you for the exam. Many logical reasoning tests are available online. Practice logical reasoning every day before your exam.

  • The topics you should prepare for:

The following are the topics which you should definitely study;

Geometry alphabetical test

Bar graphs number test

Logical reasoning symmetry

Area of shapes time

Measures numerical

These are some of the topics. Basically, these are the basics which you need to be prepared with.

  • Books:

The maths Olympiad provides its students with the required books for the exam. The content has board exam syllabus and practice questions with answer keys. Students are advised to study from the study material and solve the questions. Don’t assume that all the questions would come from the books provided to you. The questions of the Olympiad exam are not limited to the study material provided. The questions come from a wide range. So, you must read or refer other basic maths books as well. First study from the books provided by them and then you may refer additional books so that you would understand what topics to look for.

  • Solve worksheets:

Solve the worksheets provided in your maths Olympiad study material, solve them first after your studies and revisions. Once you are done with it, you may solve online worksheets. A lot of websites offer free online class 5 maths Olympiad worksheets. Make use of these free worksheets to analyse your preparations.

  • Strategy:

You are not the only one appearing for the exam that is why you should prepare yourself accordingly. Don’t pressurise yourself if you are not able to complete any topic. You shall make sure that whatever you study is studied properly. Before the main exam don’t stress much about the things you don’t know. The advantage is that you know the marks distribution and hence, you shall strategize your studies and exam. It is suggested that you should make some topics so strong so that even if you skip some topics, it would be okay. At the end it is your practice that would make it worth it!

Updated Date: 29 November 2021, 09:29

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