3 Online Slots for Summer 2021

Online slots are one of the things gamblers look forward to during summer.

3 Online Slots for Summer 2021

Online slots are one of the things gamblers look forward to during summer. These online slots are not only exciting but also the most sought after betting games in online casinos. There is a wide variety of online slot games as stipulated; thereby making a choice for which game to play much harder. To help you, here are the 3 online slots to look forward to in summer 2021.


Pyramidon is one of the best online slot games to play for the summer of 2021. It takes you back to the Egypt of old, with their magical enclaves and camaraderie. It has over 20 pay lines, and you’re to swirl the wheel to fetch you wealth, through the use of the mystery tomb or tomb of power.

This online slot game display different cultural symbols and nuances of the Egyptian culture of old. Set on a pyramid background, it has the same features of the Mummy, with the dung beetle making a regular feature.

Furthermore, Pyramidon as an online slot game is eulogized for its simplicity and articulate bonuses and point-based system. It is available on desktop and mobile devices. Another, notable feature of the Pyramidon game is that it can be played with Bitcoin in various designated Bitcoin slots.


Ghostbusters as an online slot is a name that is not a stranger to many. It is just an adaptation of the popular blockbuster comedy movie named Ghostbusters. The theme song makes it an online slot game that people would really queue to play as it uses the same theme song as the original Ghostbusters. They also share similar scenes and storylines, to make the online slot game, fan favorite.

The game has healthy bonus points as stipulated on chile-casino and is bound to attract more players. It is also very simple, but the rules are quite complex and demanding. If you’re a conservative player, this would be a tough one for you because you need to take high risk in order to cash out from the Ghostbusters online slot.

You have to be all in or all out to make reasonable outcomes from the game. The game is very much safer, entertaining and also available on iOS, Android and windows mobile devices.

Wild Ride

As the name implies, wild ride is an online slot game that involves a hot balloon in the sky, that involves players going higher and higher in the clouds to win more points, bonus, etc. Created in December 2021, the game is one to look forward to in the summer as it is fun, fascinating and ensures you get a great win.

Players are plunged in an aeronautical journey of survival, pursuit and adventure. Emphasis is laid more on your ability to hover higher as you’re given more opportunities to accumulate more points, prizes and bonuses which can be used to interchange other items.

The Wild Ride is one of the online games available as it has a superior audio-visual quality, lush scenery and impressionable graphics. It is safe, secure and compatible with mobile devices, windows, desktop, etc. It has a free demo version and also a real money version where one can stake and win.

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