Doctors and nurses suspended operations for the evening because they receive "low salaries"

Barcelo signed a resolution developed by the agreement of remuneration of personnel and increasing the compensation The resolution will be published this we

Doctors and nurses suspended operations for the evening because they receive

Barcelo signed a resolution developed by the agreement of remuneration of personnel and increasing the compensation

The resolution will be published this week in the DOGV and Health confirm that they will start again the surgical interventions in the afternoon

Doctors and nurses in hospitals, Faith, Clinical and Peset of Valencia; the General of Castellón and in other centres of Alicante has suspended operations for the evening, in protest of the "low salaries" of the autoconcierto with the Department of Universal Health care, according to have confirmed sources of the Medical Union CESM-CV.

In total, we are canceling between six and eight operations by specialty and day. The trade union already warned in mid-October that the remuneration of the plan for reduction of waiting lists were "insufficient" by what claimed to the Department that will increase the financial compensation.

From the Department of Health have pointed to Europa Press that the owner of this department, Ana Barceló, has formed this same Monday a resolution on development of the agreement of the Council of the 26th of October, which implies an increase in the remuneration.

This development was reached in a further negotiation after the signing of that agreement. The resolution will be published this week in the Diari Official of the Generalitat Valenciana, according to the same sources, who have pointed out that this Tuesday will be taken from surgical interventions in the afternoon, whose official figure of suspended has not materialised.

As shown from CESM-CV, "the doctors are embracing this plan because it is ridiculous, the salaries that arise are ridiculous", because, for example, for operating a hernia remuneration is about 40 euros.

Both the Medical Union of the Comunitat Valenciana (CESM-CV) as the Union of Technicians in delivery of Nursing Care (SAE) rated recently of "insufficient," such compensation, and demanded a Universal Health care that incrementera the financial compensation provided to certain medical acts in the program, which is based on the realization of activity outside of the ordinary day with their own media of the valencian system of health.

The schedule was announced at the Technical Committee of compensation committee of October, where they informed of the draft agreement of the Council on the special program of productivity and compensation provided.

On the same line has appeared the representative of the Union Sindical Obrera (USO), Paco Lopez, who has demanded a compensation "decent" because it considers the current "border on ridiculous". "There is a general dissatisfaction in all groups, everyone will lose purchasing power with the new fee. Are in accordance with the plan of shock, but not with their compensation," he noted.

In this sense, Lopez has indicated that, with the remuneration committee earlier, the professionals perceived 68 euros for six and a half hours of evening work, while the current depends on the surgical procedures and "is not paid the whole of the afternoon session". Thus, it has unraveled that, for example, an operation of phimosis in a child is rewarded with 12 euros, and if you do three in the same afternoon are 36. "There are six and a half hours for 36 euros, speaking of overtime. No one is going to want to do it," he said.

Likewise, he explained that the area of nursing of The Faith has received an offer for this week not to suspend the interventions, with the promise that they would be paid according to the previous plan, which the collective has been denied because "they wanted it in writing".

The representative of USE has shown itself critical of the Department, who accuses him of "selling smoke" by "advertising" that would double the remuneration to the professionals, something that "in practice it has been found that not", and does not take into account the professionals before making any decisions. SAME AMOUNTS FOR CCOO PV

For its part, from the Comisiones Obreras (CCOO), one of the two trade unions UGT signed in sectoral table the proposal of Health, have pointed out in statements to Europa Press that the model autoconcierto "improved a little" the previous management and the modification of the remuneration committee --who passed from the fixed remuneration per session of six and a half hours in the afternoon at a surgical act-- they assumed "more or less the same amounts".

"In principle, the new model allows a better management of waiting lists, because you can prioritize based on where you have mismatches", has highlighted the general secretary of the Federation of Health Sectors and Social health of CCOO-PV, Pink Atiénzar.

however, it has stressed that since the union have urged Health to do a "review" to include staff that is not picked up in the settlement, such as technical-ray, and have requested a "clarification in terms of compensation" for those surgical procedures that are not addressed in the table: "it Is a concrete slab, but is not exclusive," he pointed out.

"The autoconcierto is timely, to reduce the waiting lists in time, but where to deploy resources and efforts it is of a structural nature, that come to alleviate the problems of waiting lists. Always going to be, but within reasonable limits, we consider that in a period not exceeding a month," he highlighted.

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Date Of Update: 09 November 2018, 20:00