Errors in Economics and politics: Peach Weber on Coronavirus

He is one of the funniest Swiss contemporaries. But back to the Lockdown, bursting comedian-legend Peach Weber (67) of the collar. He's angry about the economy

Errors in Economics and politics: Peach Weber on Coronavirus

He is one of the funniest Swiss contemporaries. But back to the Lockdown, bursting comedian-legend Peach Weber (67) of the collar. He's angry about the economy before and after Corona, talking about the great love and the mask duty of his garden gnomes.

Peach Weber: I've heard in all that time not a single funny. There were jokes about the toilet paper, there were a lot of Filmli about the Situation at home, some fun including – mostly from Italy really were. But about the Virus or the part of dire consequences, nothing has come to my attention.

you are Allowed to laugh about Covid-19 so from time to time?
You must in any case be about the harmless effects such as Homeschooling or home office jokes. However, the images from the hospitals in Bergamo, gave no reason to make Jokes.

you live with a lot of gnomes in the garden. Are you sure that no one was infected?
I have, of course, increases the early detection of the distance between them, so facial Pampers missed, and you were not allowed to leave the garden.

very serious to debate your comedian Marco Rima and Stefan Büsser have the Virus. You have been silent. Why?
The Film of Büssi with EGGER, the I found well done, because he has packaged the information in a humorous way. Otherwise, I'm the comedian colleague not enlightened seen much in the end. I don't think we comedians are the right people to evaluate the work of the Federal Council and the virologists. These people had to meet in a unknown Situation decisions and have it done in my opinion, to the best of our Knowledge and belief. In retrospect, everything is better known, is a sign for a certain amount of Jämmerlichkeit.

what do you mean?
I think of the politicians who wanted to cancel after three days of the Session, so you can go home to mommy. And then, no one can see the light at the end of the tunnel, out of the holes to crawl and, according to herumpupen, what would you have done anything better. I repeat myself: pathetic!

How they met the Situation by yourself?
I was lucky that I had anyway planned to write between March and June, the new program "Gäxplosion". That's why I took this time only a few performances, only one was cancelled, the other moved, so they are not lost. Privately, I have not seen, of course, my daughter and friends a long time, but the man had never had so many means of communication as it is today.

What has surprised you in the Lockdown time the most?
That we have grown an economy that is already after a week supposedly on the verge of bankruptcy. In good times, all of the profit as bonuses and dividends out of the window throw and after a few days of the crisis, have been demanding the coat-tails of the state. And, after many companies previously have required great that the state should keep out of the economy, he understood nothing of it, the market will fix everything. If I may say so: Perhaps the market is an Idiot?

Since I'm a bad cook, I was glad to finally have in one of my favorite restaurants to eat and to let the work professionals do.

keyword: food: Obesity and the age of 65 are one of the risk factors. Without wanting to be too close to enter – the Latter applies to you. You never had to be afraid of?
Really scared I never had, but I was very careful and am taking any unnecessary risk, because it was clear to me: I would have been for the Virus is a godsend, because not only do I have these two risk factors. I would have been guaranteed had a slight history, I have thought about it seriously.

Could you see your daughter Nina, in the meantime, again?
Yes, of course, that was a great joy, but we have such a good relationship that we survive longer breaks well. Finally, it was time for nine months in China, and the old father has survived that, unexpectedly, good.

life, as far as we know, alone. You know, that comedian of women are in high demand. are you Longing never to have someone by your side?
I was married two Times, have a wonderful daughter, can't expect more. Everything that comes, is the Dessert, and I can assure you, I have everything I need.

Should be able to laugh a woman about your programs?
no one needs to be able to my programs laugh, this is all voluntary. Humor is a matter of taste. To me, it is actually sausage, which even the experts called to my. I offer something, and if the halls are full and 600 people two hours to laugh, I've done my Job well. This should no longer be the case, I would have to stop for the professional adviser, but would probably be doomed to failure to me.

SRF shows on the Sunday your program "iPeach". It also deals with the digital communication that we have internalized and now in the home office. They were way ahead of their time?
I was one of the First in our industry, who has a home page, and I've practically left as you came in. All the fashion trends with Bling-Bling and so I joined in. I put something on my Facebook page, but am probably the Only one who follows himself to anyone. I also read no comments, I sign up just how many people have liked it, finished.

become your chubby cheeks a little full during the lock downs?
no, I have smart led way, all the fat in the Füdlibacken, as you can see it less. Apart from that, you can make seemingly alone, by the presentation of a thick Füdli million. As new possibilities open up to me.

Gagaist from the Aargau

Peter "Peach" Weber was born in 1952 in Wohlen AG to the world. He is a trained primary school teacher. For 40 years, he brings Switzerland with its programs and phonograms Laugh. His trademark: Dächlikappe, guitar and music stand. On Sunday SRF 1 shows at 21.45 PM the first part of his 15. Stage production "iPeach". Weber was married two Times. From the marriage with Tele-Züri-weather forecaster Jeannette Eggenschwiler his 22-year-old daughter Nina comes.

How digital you are, personally?
I am as a participant in this world-the digital existence of a minimum, I have a Smartphone which I use only for Calls and Whatsappen, and a compiler, with which I'm working on. In addition, I have actually a writing machine and cartridges, with which I do some Work. To all of you under 30: Google what was the you see.

Speaking of dwarves: In their picture books with "Stolperli" to access current issues. He is wearing in the next adventure a Mouth guard?
Who knows, but I don't think. The next Band is likely to appear until next year, and I hope that the Problem is so acute. In addition, the dwarves eat very healthy with dwarf herb tea and Blüemli soup, which strengthens the immune system.

you want to be live again. Have you considered how you want to do, without endangering themselves?
I'm curious. My organizer has planned a first Tour starting mid-October. However, I have heard nothing of a protection concept for events with 300 to 1000 visitors. But the Plan is in the drawer and can be activated at any time.

In seven years they want to give their final farewell in the hall of the stadium. You promise to us that you survive until then?
I promise nothing, I will not be the Survival of force to determine the other factors. I'm not going to take from now on only oatmeal and herbal tea to me. It comes as it comes, and until now, it was always good. This is my basic trust.

so There is no second or third wave?
The thing is guaranteed not to have still. If we make but of fear of being hypnotized, nothing, helps no one. Pessimists have never changed the world for the Good!

Speaking of waves: Travel this summer to the sea?
I've traveled in the last 20 years. Firstly, because I'm generally at home. And secondly, because to me the development with the idiot around flying, just because it is dirt cheap, long been on the mind goes. What's the point? No tax on aviation fuel, meaning lots of short-haul flights, silly price fight, just so everyone can fly for 30 francs to Bali. The mass tourism has, in recent years, more and more senseless transportation of human flesh.

So a holiday with the dwarves in the garden?
Yes, to many people had to find out first of all, how exactly this is "home". We live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We will enjoy the beauties in front of the door!

Date Of Update: 12 June 2020, 18:48

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