Gregorio Morán: "Gabriel Ruffian is a juvenile delinquent come to the policy"

Gregorio Morán (Oviedo, 1947) comes to the appointment with his inseparable hat, scarf brown, a vest, a coat, eager to talk, slow steps, hungry for sweet, and a

Gregorio Morán:

Gregorio Morán (Oviedo, 1947) comes to the appointment with his inseparable hat, scarf brown, a vest, a coat, eager to talk, slow steps, hungry for sweet, and a copy of Le Monde rolled up in the pocket. Peeping spire as if it were a small shotgun out of paper and saliésemos the two of hunting.

Moran, words, and hunting. That's it.

In the living room of the writer and journalist must have a large collection of heads that has been gathering throughout his books. Where there is a hagiography, Moran lifts the shotgun of paper thinking about the taxidermy. The head of Adolfo Suárez. The Ortega and Gasset. The García de la Concha. The Carrillo. Of so many others... Just reedit your Miseries, greatness and agony of the Communist Party of Spain (Akal), and in this conversation, Moran will be charged for other parts.

As Miguel Hernández, the journalist and writer based in Barcelona -an intellectual who is not silent nothing - comes with three wounds. The life (the problem of Catalan), the death (he had a heart attack in July) and of love (The Vanguard fired by an article in which he called corrupt to the Generalitat).

The first thing that I wanted to know is how is the wound in the heart... Of health I'm good. What's wrong with it is that surrounds the health. And that affects. The second thing is to know what such a walk, the wounds of love...Brrrrr. Unamuno said that: "The soul, in the store..." But here in Catalonia the situation puts us all on the edge of a nervous breakdown. There is no predictable output and everything is empeorable... When I came to Barcelona, after a zillion years in Madrid, it was a quiet town, where he walked, where it was quiet and there was never anything more than what you could cause. However, at this time it is the opposite. The society has been stressed in a major way. To me they kicked me out of the newspaper for criticizing the institutions... To the neighborhood in which I live, the Guinardó, where he was born Marsé, has become a site of difficult and unusual. And not just by immigration, but because reasonable people are gone. There is a diaspora of real intelligence in Catalonia.Do to you what you has broken the soul lately? Find a society in that it has left the worst of themselves. That you part the heart, the soul and the pocket. Who leaves one night for Barcelona sees it: where before there were people to dinner, now there are restaurants desangelados. The people have become more cautious with the money. Social relationships have deteriorated a lot. I have, had, friends to whom it is impossible to treat. This in a society mediterranean is unusual... This tranquil world with a mild climate all no longer exists. Now the weather is hostile. There are trenches. And it is very difficult to live with trenches. What ever the economic power he had so bridled the media as now?This is a general problem in Spain. I do not get tired of saying that we have the worst media of Western Europe. What is left are the remains of the wreck. The exploitation to which were subjected the means of communication during the Transition had a few consequences that you are now paying. There is no company that is not in deficit. In addition, there was a time in which the sharks of the media gave them by having a darling very expensive that was the television, that they have been ruined. Without having enjoyed it. I believe that the control of the media in the Catalan case is more simple and more complex. Here the manipulation is stark. TVE is what has always been, a belt transmission of power. But we must recognize in his honor that has a few professionals that were able to make a document protesting against the manipulation of their heads. Here happens the same, but there is a group of journalists has reacted. It is more: one of the most striking things that happened to me in The Forefront your last time is that the six members of the drafting committee signed a letter and sent to the director, asking that you may censor my articles. Something that was not happening nor in the franco regime.In your case, what have you tried that did not say?They considered that my disdain towards the institutions of respectable paid to them were affected by my sarcasm. Here the homage of journalists with the power is absolute from the time of Pujol. The manipulation of power in the media capital, I mean Madrid, is considerable, but do not forget that Pujol was doing interviews himself. He wrote the answers, but also questions. And in addition to titled it. In all the media that I wanted. I'm not going to go into detail because all the journalists are alive. And are those who defend the freedom of expression above all things. Swallow that, and so much more. In addition, Pujol said the day: "That's what you draw on a Sunday".How is the fascist loose?What do we call it fascist? Fascist is the one who is not willing to admit to the other. Things are still the same as before or worse, but the words lack the meaning of before. It is thought that a fascist in Catalonia it is different than a fascist in Oviedo, this is a mistake. A fascist is a fascist here and there, and is characterized by the breakdown of the democratic consensus. What happens now is that they play to see who is faster in pulling out the Colt. If I call you a fascist, you don't you can call me a fascist, because it would be a contradiction. Look, another one of the fallacies of the current situation of Catalonia is that they say the independentistas of "we are peaceful". That says it all about Oriol Junqueras, that is as an abbot of the ancient monastery. "We're the good guys and they are the bad guys." "We are peaceful, they are violent". You can fill the mouth of flowers, but I drown like. Are you going stuffing until you can't breathe... Like Forcadell, that is straight out of a convent. That is the people that then you burn. What is the most puzzling of what it takes to seen? The revolutionary group, most important in Catalonia, the CUP, worry pricking the wheels of public bicycles to protest against tourism, it is a joke of Charlie Hebdo. These are a bunch of presentable that eat butifarra amb dry [with beans], and put the barretina once in a when, or dress alternatively. Words don't already sense: a revolutionary who stuck wheels and there is a descojone general. Make an assembly to approve it and everything. As the film of Monty Python that these did not see. These kids of the CUP is not that not have killed the father, but who have not killed, nor to the cook's father. It is more beast: still going to eat at home. Because the soup that makes them the maid did not have it in any part. Look, an analysis of a figure like Ada Colau would lead to terrible consequences. The first and most obvious: we are in a very complex situation caused by amateurs. Everything is of a amateurism overwhelming. Not appreciate the consequences of anything. What do you believe?Until very recently I believed in friends, and in a civilized society. Now I just want to leave me in peace. Where are yours?Since many years there is not mine. My experience militant ends on the day that I find out that if they win the mine [was a leading member of the PCE], I lose. Then I was terrified to the idea that they will earn the I knew very well. Who win these then the procès, mind you. Represent the 2.0 version of the carlism. If I had to choose, which we call progressive or reactionary, what would you prefer?I produce reject both labels. I have seen so many people crossing the barricade of progressivism to reaction, and (rather less) the other way around: the reaction to the progressivism... I am an heir of the Enlightenment values. Does the internal split of Catalonia is as great as they say or is exaggerated novelescamente from the outside? It is real. It is not good that those who call us fascists and insult us and behave as totalitarian a day discover that they are totalitarian truth. That is terrible. That is re-taking the bicha of the nacionalcatolicismo. The xenophobia. The hatred in the other... is Not the same as you stand in a place that is not yours to assume perfectly that you are a bastard racist, as a white south of the united states racist and malencarado. Why is it that in Spain there is operated a right-wing party? Because the extreme right is subsumed in different sites and, above all, has no consciousness of itself. If you are the das can be terrible... Would have to see what they are doing in Vic. It has been installed in the square a prison with four bars where the inhabitants can suffer, they say, the same thing that their political leaders. For hours. As an attraction. Encourage them to do so. Have a chime for the relief if someone feels bad, that yes... There are to be two hours to give the jubilee. This is another in-joke from Monty Python. Bullshit reactionary. We're going to flagelarnos as a catolicón. As a self-recrimination. As in the Inquisition.How it all began when they started to touch the balls to Pujol?They think that the PP is a party of corrupt, but Convergence does not... The idea of Franco is that he had done so much for Spain, and it was logical that he would be left with something. Since these equal. What has happened here is a responsibility in the first place of the class in Spanish politics. At Pujol we dance the water first Felipe González and then Aznar. Do not forget that Aznar removes the mili because she is asked the CiU and PNV. When Pujol out on the balcony of the Generalitat and says that "from now on we'll be the ones that talk about honour and dignity", he already has the loot. And what that is doing is to enlarge the booty. What of the Case of Palau was very beast. As in The Godfather, all around a table, gathered for repartírselo all. Ensuring their survival. Because the Godfather and distribute it among their gazillion children. The Case of Palau is the portrait of that society, whose only opponent of the revolution by puncturing the wheel of the bicycle. You have written about the National Movement in Catalonia and its media. I imagine that you also sense this in Madrid. By to be fair.Yes. But I know there is no businessman linked to the PP that make patriotism; to do business without more hosts. Here is the shamelessness of in addition to say that they are doing homeland. You have to be cheeky. This gives you a good conscience that the other way you don't have. Here, in Catalonia, if not piabas, pillabas. Do you pio?Foot.And not caught.Not caught him... Here, various journalists went. Others are in the dry dock. And then there are the feeders. There is in Madrid, in Valencia, in all parties. And here in Barcelona, for journalism, is a trough permanent. The Ara, el Punt Diari... Go to a hospital and look at the bundles of newspapers that are in the morning. The which give to the people. Grants are given depending on what you print. So shooting with gunpowder the king. Your money and mine. Do you think that are in jail all those who are? [He eats a pasta and takes some time to answer. Shaking head] how are all that Are? [Continues chewing. Nods].[Swallows at the end] To be in the jail all who are revolution is needed. Do not puncture wheels. And if something was missing we now have the russians.It is as a comic of Mortadelo and Philemon. A remake of the Ibanez: the russians supporting carlism, Assange, saying stupid things, in order to... In the background is the liquidation of the left in the background is a self-mutilation. The time in which it is sold for a bowl of lentils. But eye, is sold for a bowl of lentils with sausage, with ham... there Were a shift clear as to who had the power. There were those who were in politics for ethical reasons. And there were others that were for the power. In the case of Catalonia, the one that granted the endorsement of the power was Pujol. Rosa María Sardá, for example, has made a gesture of a value of daredevil: return of the medal of the Generalitat. The small print is very fun. The only prize worth in Spain is that you are given the Cross of sant Jordi [sarcastic]. Because even though it is not equipped with, I think, you pay the obituaries when you die... Your children do not have to drop a hard fucking. Well: Sardá, has influenced especially in that don't want obituaries. Do you have any but with the technology?I'm late. My wife brings me things. I don't have a mobile and she does. Those things. For me the computer is nothing more than a sophisticated typewriter. But yes I will tell you something about journalism: the future is in digital. But the power is in the paper. Therefore the one who controls the paper controls the digital and the public opinion. What the end will sound like the same thing the young politicians?No. I don't think that is comparable to a Thug to a Pablo Iglesias, for example. Look nothing like, nor in training, nor in the way to act... Thug is a juvenile delinquent come to the policy. Which shows that the policy may be recycled to a juvenile delinquent. It is not bad. This is what we achieved among all... Churches is another thing. We may have the difficulty of birth: it is the first political group that was born from a university department. And that makes for good and bad. With him I have a good relationship. What unites Levy, Ruffian, Errejón, Rivera, Churches, Ruffian? True amateurism. What political project we are very excited to you more?None.Have you voted in the last election?No. I've been both without a vote... After voting to Tender for the Mayor didn't vote. To me in the referendums of the franco regime, I said: "Well, if you want to vote no, but vote". And I said, "I don't want to vote no. I don't want to vote. And point". Just re-edit his classic on the PCE. Is there something communist that was?The experience. The struggle against the dictatorship [eat another pasta]. Semprun said to me: "Gregory, was a conspiracy of silence against your book when it came out". And I said, "What else would dear me. What happened is that when he came out he was not interested in anyone." In 'Anatomy of a moment', Fences speaks of the ethics of betrayal. How the Transition was made possible thanks to a threefold ethics of betrayal: the betrayal of Carrillo in the PCE, that of Suarez, in the Movement and the Gutiérrez Mellado to the Army. How do you see?Fences have the ability to write about what you don't know. In Soldiers of Salamis his image of Sánchez Mazas is absolutely wrong. If one invents a character he invents, but can not supply it for one of flesh and bone. Sanchez Mazas was a fascist without a doubt. What they said to their children, who knew him rather better than I do. That of the ethics of the betrayal of Fences it seems to me a ring. It is as if there were two elements: what is the opposite of betrayal?, do the fidelity? what? What was the fidelity of Carrillo, Suarez or Gutiérrez Mellado? The power. To establish an ethical judgment saying what good were these that betrayed him... None of these betrayed himself. On the contrary. There is a coherence brutal. The power. This of the three betrayals sounds like bolero.Behind the official version, there is always a perversion unofficial. They are very good these pastes, eh... [Picks up another] Sánchez Mazas is unique. But the ignorance of Fencing is such that it puts as doubting... But Maces don't hesitate never. Of nothing. It was a fascist such that, in the year 65, if memory doesn't fail me, a visit to Leader to tell him that the penalty that has made your child is too mild. Is a scoundrel. Fences dares to do this with Maces, does not dare to do so with Goebbels.What would you suggest all those people who are trying to find the remains of their ancestors in the Civil War?Note that this battle has been given to the grandchildren, not their parents. That means that there is a generation neutered. The one that goes between the heroic fighters for the Republic and their grandchildren, who are people of honor and dignity. With Felipe Gonzalez could have gotten, isn't it? But there was then no social pressure. What is your opinion of Felipe Gonzalez, by the way?It is a character. Each time I am more interested in. As to do something. Has improved with time. Unlike Aznar, who has lost.What Rajoy is a little porter who never throw when you throw the penalty?Yes. And for. It is not an inaction that I attributed to the galician. But the registrar of the property. A registrar registers. You know what they are worth things. But it is of a slowness exasperating. Not for those who will not vote or will vote. But even for the like-minded. In 'The cure and the mandarins' you adjust accounts with the culture and specifically with the SAR. Why do you bother so much to Víctor García de la Concha?I met García de la Concha when I wore short-shorts, in Oviedo. With 10 years. He was the master of the cathedral... Garcia de la Concha is a man who has earned a lot of money to Planet. And that has a lot of merit. The Academy is a lodge. And evidenced by the fact that it incorporates both Cebrián and Anson: such balances of lodge... But of course, García de la Concha was the one who decided that outside Planet which edit and distribute the dictionary of the RAE. That there are millions of copies... In my book I didn't call you an idiot, but almost. It is a character of ignorance absolute. In any way endorsed a doctoral thesis that was not his own. His whole life is a trap. Now he says that it was not a cure, but if I saw you I... If I tell him Cebrián, the first word that comes out is academic?No. Any less that. Cebrián will remain as one of those characters that represents the transition from nothing to abject poverty. What Puigdemont?In another situation, it would be a funny character. He is the mayor of Girona by a shift of scale. Nothing more. What The Jordis?It's a shame you do not sing. They would do something interesting. A duo with a future. As The of the River. What Pedro Sanchez?I do not seem credible. There is a fragility in the character. You need time to consolidate. Does the vice-president Soraya?It is doing with the power. I am convinced that no one ever considered it as a dangerous opponent. This tends to happen: when you discover that your opponent is dangerous, it is already too late. Do Conde de Godo?I do not know him. I have not spoken with him in my life. To take or not to take the decision to kick me out, he endorsed. What we have come to call it something for the street?[Chew on the pasta. The last one] For my character, for having a reputation of having bad milk, possibly justified, the people you dealt with in parallel: "Look, there goes that son of a bitch". For what you hear. But you don't have what you alluded. People who tell you: "why do you hate so much to Catalonia?". I tell them that I am a Catalan volunteer and they didn't even chose. With which mine has more merit. Also I will tell you that there are more people that will stop politely and say: "read to Him. Although not always agreeing with his articles." To these I say: "it happens to me the same thing".
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