José Luis Gil: "What happens in Catalonia would not be allowed in Bilbao or Seville"

Shedding of skin and park temporarily to Enrique Pastor, his character of 'The coming', to become Telmo, a retiree who prepares a robbery. José Luis Gil (Zara

José Luis Gil:

Shedding of skin and park temporarily to Enrique Pastor, his character of 'The coming', to become Telmo, a retiree who prepares a robbery. José Luis Gil (Zaragoza, 1957) premiered 'Meow' this Friday and arrives willing to meow.

Forgive the trusts, but I have the feeling that you know all of life.Yes, it is the closeness and kindness of the character. With the continuous reruns of your series, there will be women who have spent more time with you than with their husbands.Some women tell me that they sleep with me every night. And when you ask them for your husband, I answer: "to The side, snoring". 'The coming' has the effect of relax to the people at the end of the day. It is as a necessity. Many taxi drivers say to me him. The Social Security we would have to pay a little money for therapy. In this wave of the politically correct, the series remains true to his irreverent humor and corrosive.What is politically correct? The fact of the use of the word policy and correct is a horror. We live in a time politically disastrous. The news become so toxic that people need to detoxify. I am very disconnected from the television generalist.Why is this rift?It seems to Me that it has become a product almost dangerous. Do you mean the programs of the heart?What bothers me the most is the outrage that was committed with certain lives by a comment or by a suspect. As if the rest of the world to be angelic. We all have our black side and our wardrobe. It seems to Me that the way it should be. I don't think anyone knows absolutely everything of the other person. I don't believe that it would be good. All over the world need to have a small corner that can't or don't want to share. There is a commissioner of police that takes 25 years to record the high personalities of the country with a microphone spy for blackmail. Who exceeds that script?It is a great movie of gangsters. Even as a movie, it would be too incredible. How has been able to operate with impunity and make that work seedy to coerce and manipulate for many, many years? But in real life the money we put ourselves. We are stealing. Now, you have no escape. If you slip something in the statement of income, go for it and will hit you a few surcharges brutal. And the thousands of millions are in their homes and will continue to be there. As much, some you falls any worth. If you do, you are looking under the bed, and you have to get out of there as you can. Have you ever felt treated like a criminal by the Treasury?Yes. I am one of those victims of the sector. As they were changing the laws, we recommended to quote in a way that was legal, or, at least, was not illegal. Without touching a comma, the law can be interpreted in one way or another. Then, they decide to re-interpret the regulations otherwise, pick up a slice and tear it apart. Do you really there was a persecution of Montoro against the actors?Yes. I think that the PP played it wrong, and the lord Montoro, worse. They think that the actors we are a sector of the left that don't vote ever, and that they are not going to lose any votes by doing that. It is a great mistake because you govern for those who voted and those who did not. Why is there going to be actors and writers who vote for the PP?What are your problems with Finance were like those of Màxim Huerta?Yes. Màxim Huerta could have more or less merit to be minister of Culture, but his was totally unfair. He is a man who could commit such an error, you may advised like so many others, thinking that it was the best. He was not fled in Haiti, but here quoted. The fact that there is a difference of criteria and have to pay this amount, it does not mean that you have been missing. Even so, what takes and what pays. When one is in opposition or in a minority party, your only job is to take out all of the shames of the other. But you have to have the traserito very clean. If you don't have it, don't demand what you cannot give. Because when you are there, look at yourself well the penalties that have not paid. And, above all, not to criticise one thing and, then, to do anything more to get. Like if you had a moral superiority. It is a game very navajero and very street gangs of the neighborhood. You've touched my brother and I'm going to touch yours. It is a revenge.We're a large courtyard of neighbors?Yes. Spain is becoming a great Tower of Babel where it is not that we don't speak the same language, is that we do not want to understand each other with the other. Nobody is interested in the common good. I lived through the franco era and the Transition. To some, the Transition seemed like a lesser evil because the other thing was to us unknown and the unknown was scary. The fear vote. What spain laughs well?Yes, very well and that saves us. In your new film 'Meow', play a retiree who devises a plan to feel alive. You do not have a plan. It is a film that caught me by the script. It is a simple story of older people, retired, that you are letting go of. And, suddenly, it jumps the spark, and there is a character who comes out of prison and proposes to steal an important piece of a museum. When you want to give an account are caught up in a mess that gives them emotion. And they feel alive. It is a little róbale to life what you can. Do you understand that the pensioners take to the streets for their pensions and the young people who earn 600 euros do not?I don't understand. Retirees are a material too sensitive to play with him. There are people who have worked all their life and what is going very wrong with the retirement. Surely many are helping their young children who have lost jobs or are earning 800 euros. But when we see that the youth is stirred, in a plan a little bit aggressive and violent. It is sometimes very free or very useless. Do you mean the conflict Catalan?Yes, for example. I think that there is a lot of manipulation. There will be a lot of people that do it for conviction, but there has to be some rules of the game. Are you breaking these rules?Yes, quite a bit. There are things that happen in Catalonia, would not be permitted in Zamora or Bilbao or Zaragoza or, of course, in Seville. Do you speak of the attempt of assault to the Parliament last 1-0?Yes. Then, they just stopped at three. But what if I've seen 200? For example, in Madrid I get a traffic ticket and I answer: "you are a moron. Do you not have anything else to do?". I ask for the documentation and let me very clear that it is exercising the legality and that what I'm doing is a crime. And I drop everything: the fine, the surcharge, the demand to go to report. And that becomes 300 euros. Don't remain unpunished!The problem in Catalonia is when they are your own leaders who agitated the population to break the law.Yes, of course. The governing whistle and look the other way or even says: "More, more". Not to mention from which they are fleeing. What is it that is looming in our country?No idea. When you see something that does not work, it can always be worse. There is always someone that makes it good to the previous, which was already the tela marinera. What has been your best decision false? I'm not very funny in the outtakes because I'm annoyed. Mistakes, any fall because you slipped with the floor, or you have condundido 12 times with a puñetera word that will not leave you. It is a lack of concentration and a loss of time. But there are actors very funny that take advantage of this decision is false and the stretch to the infinite. Please, tell me how rodaste the scene homoerótica in the shower with the lord Strong.It was very cold because the water was freezing. And, the two of us were: "Come on, go, go...!". We tried it out at the first or the second. But yes we laugh.What character from another series would you invite to 'The coming'?More than characters, I would like to invite actors that I admire very much and I would like to share with them the scenes: Javier Gutierrez, Adriana Are a big supporter of the dub, and you assert that no one criticizes how bad are the subtitles or translations of the texts of the canonized authors.Yes. No one complains that you are reading Shakespeare in Spanish, and that, therefore, in 'Hamlet' there is no questioning what he has actually said. At best, you're sacrificing a lot. In the subtitles something much, much worse still. When I was dubbing director and was the text for the subtitled version, I was sent a script summary because, otherwise, could not. You could see accounts of the outrages. All films have a literary style. In the subtitles it is impossible to respect that style because there isn't time. And they take me to the demons when you put the question and the answer at the same time. For example, ask: "are You going to be?". And Al Pacino does an amazing break. And you already see below which puts it: "No." And you lose the uncertainty of that pause. What a lack of sensitivity! Dubbing can be done very well, though you always sacrifice something. There are great voice actors. What is the failure of the more have you learned?I come from the failure. I was born in an environment and in a time where nothing was favourable. We lived in a very small house and we were very pobrecicos. It was difficult to get worse, isn't it?Yes. My parents had to migrate to Madrid from Zaragoza and Teruel. I say this to my children when they complain. I have to admit that, even having a really bad, because I lost my father 14 years ago, it was very easy to improve. Getting to the end of the month with the effort of all was already improving. I had not been able to be an architect because he had not to pay for four runs. So, now I can't complain. However, in the present, the young generations are going to worsen your quality of life with respect to their parents.Yes. Now you see that you're not going to live as your parents and that if you want to continue being middle class, you have to continue in your house with 35 years ago. I don't want that. It is humiliating and frustrating. THE LAST QUESTION. What do you feel when you listen to the phrase of: "I Go, lord it Costs!"?I still repeat it. I'm still awestruck. Sometimes, you go on to the next two people that you recognize and, when you're already giving back to the corner, you say the sentence to 20 meters away. We think that this is the first time. At the beginning, it reminded me of Emma Penella was the one who told me it was in the series and it was a memory nice.
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