More than 20 questions to Susana Diaz in the equator of the election campaign in andalusia

Fast food of the Board, michelin star market System "flash" and no pills for stress Susana Díaz, slave of the eight provinces. Canal Sur, another

More than 20 questions to Susana Diaz in the equator of the election campaign in andalusia

Fast food of the Board, michelin star market

System "flash" and no pills for stress

Susana Díaz, slave of the eight provinces.

Canal Sur, another stone in the way election of the president

Sisterhood between Susana Díaz and Teresa Rodriguez

At the halfway point of the campaign, there have hardly been any interviews that have been made to Susana Diaz in a minimum predicament. Perhaps the Carlos Alsina, when asked if the data of creation of employment in Andalusia, owed something to the labor reform of the Government of Mariano Rajoy.

Today has dawned the day with a in the newspapers published by the Joly group and, finally, asked how it was possible that I had 89 euros current account in the mid of the month. Without further additives, each of which summers where you can and want to, as it has done this summer the president at a luxury resort in Santi Petri, we do not know if advised by their neighbors, Triana. Maybe he is still walking up the slope from September, although the expenses of your child do not involve much, because it has been said that goes to the same public school that was it. We do not know if in

the center will as in others in which they ask the parents for input sheets and toilet paper. In the IES Martínez Montañés, in another neighborhood, that request to the Board is that it does not load the only international baccalaureate public of Andalusia, but the socialist candidate has not spoken of the educational excellence campaign.

What has responded about your balance? That who wants to earn money, not be a goal in policy to have a (sic) Jaguar and a chalet. You have missed the tea room. It is clear, therefore, that the private world has lost a great professional as Susana Díaz, to know what he might have been able to outside of the policy. Says the one who boasts that in his family they are more stiff than her, despite not to engage in politics. But it has been a question risky, for a few interviews that only ask for arithmetic election.

we do Not know the interviews that remain to be done but, in view of their speeches, here are a few questions for Susana Diaz.

1.- What do you think should be the dismal results of Andalusia in the international tests?

2.- Why do you think, according to several studies, the school failure thrives in Andalusia, by

on top of the other communities, among the poorest of the poor?

3.- What planning should we have right now college degrees without hardly

students and thousands of andalusian place in the FP and paying some FP private? Does anyone evaluated what they served free computers for children now that promises free books in childhood?

4.- Do you know who opened the regional hospital of Malaga, old Carlos Has, and in what year? Do you know

when and who promised to make the hospital a reference in southern Europe in Malaga?

5.- The promise that all subcontractors of the Meeting must comply with the collective agreement in the next legislature. How is acknowledging that now is not happening? Do you know what that wins the time a supervisor of special education in a public school?

6.-The Board announced the opening of the mine of Aznalcóllar after an international competition that has ended in the courts and still closed. What's considered a failure?

7.- The Board spent millions of euros in Santana Motor, investigated now by police, and many also at Isofoton, abandoned in the PTA, in addition to the initiatives to reposition to workers of Delphi. Do you happen to think that the money public employee has proven a failure?

8.- Hundreds of millions of training costs, what has become to cater to the unemployed, without evaluation of results, in a business in Andalusia?

9.- Do you know the platform of Affected by the Grant? Self-employed, to which the Board claims to grants of 10 years ago by an inspection of use of funds, which makes it Europe to the Board...

10.- After three decades in power, what do you think the dependence of Cadiz now in the employment of Gibraltar, of the frigates from Saudi arabia and from the military base of Rota?

11.- How would you explain to the andalusian to which the Board has spent years collecting the canon of debugging on your invoices that the European Union has fined Spain by not building sewage treatment plants to time?

12.- You greet so many people greater, what you have complained about any of not finding the medicines of the auction Board at your pharmacy? Do you think that the auction of drugs has been a success? How long has it saved the Board?

13.- Of those older people who say hello, do any have a complaint about the waiting lists to see the bones? Why do you think that has so much success Spiriman if what he does is to defend the public health, despite the fact that you say that you want to privatizing?

14.- How is it possible that two years after the donation still has radiation therapy equipment donated by Amancio Ortega of non-use, such as in Granada?

15.- Why do you think that Andalusia has the lower life expectancy than Spain?

16.- The Board has important plans of urban planning laid down by the courts, do you believe that the processing times for plans and permits for certain projects are acceptable in a region that needs to grow?

17.-Do you regret having asked the support for Juana Rivas in the past year?

18.- With your agenda, it is clear that your husband supports you so much in the care of your child, are you in favor of joint custody in case of divorce?

19.- What do you think that the taxpayer andalusian have to read that in the old Faffe had 200 people linked to his party plugged in? Why can't we know the names and surnames of those engaged in the parallel administration of the Board and yes we know from the published list of the officials?

20.- The sector of the avocado and the mango is a success story of the andalusian countryside you need more water, how is it possible that the Board has not made a transfer that takes years promised?

21.- From day 2 you will have to make compromises. In your program, go Ahead, Andalusia brings a proposal of a reform "breakthrough" of the Constitution to bring the Republic, do you share these yearnings?

22.- And that sums up all: why would you think that socialism is going to get us out of the boxcar queue now if it takes more than 30 years trying to do this?

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 28 November 2018, 08:01

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