Peter Baths: "Spain is poised for a revolution"

The military expert in geostrategy analyses in his book 'The domain world' what are the instruments of power of the superpowers. "Trump is the president who

Peter Baths:

The military expert in geostrategy analyses in his book 'The domain world' what are the instruments of power of the superpowers. "Trump is the president who needs to today, the U.S."

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The handling geopolitics has many tools. From the armies, the diplomacy and the natural resources until the spies and money. Peter Baths (León, 1960), colonel in the Reserve specialist in geostrategy and jihadist terrorism, describes these elements of power in his latest book: The world domination (Ed. Ariel). In a madrid hotel, this military was about to conduct the National Security (controversy through) he talks of the weaknesses of Europe, the ambition absolute of the united States and the great danger that faces Spain, which, we clarify, has nothing to do with borders or nationalism.

let's Start with hard-drugs. How are China and the united States doomed to face?It is a matter of time that there is a military confrontation between China and the US in the China Sea. From the Wars of the Peloponnesian and the Punic Wars have always been collisions between a power up and the other decadent. And China needs a lot of resources and expand...That happened to Japan in the 30's and invaded Asia...So it is, but the difference is that the chinese are 1,500 million. The great fear of the US is that China will consolidate even more economically, because that will culminate in a large army and a large secret service. In these moments, the US has Donald Trump, despite his histrionics, the president needs to... do you believe really?If Trump were a drag on the country do not handle this position. He can boost this turn of the screw that you need to give US to regain the world power that took from the end of the World War II and, especially, from 1991 [collapse of the USSR]. Need a president focused on the economy, that is the great power today. China, which is very clever, is already infiltrating into Africa, Latin america and Europe.According to you, US will never allow Europe to be a political unit.The europeans have to wake up and reinvent ourselves if we want to do something in the world...But, are we going to know to defend themselves? Trump requires an increase in the military expenditure of Europe.That of the common european defence, I don't think so. Poland has offered a 2,500 million dollars to the USA to build a large base to protect you from Russia. If that is so, why have a european army? It is very difficult. We are missing many things. In the first place, a common enemy. Eastern europe looks to Russia, while the countries of the South, to the Mediterranean. There is also disparity of budgets, interests. Instead of uniting us, the europeans compete with each other. So it is impossible. Is not very optimistic with the future of the European Union as a superpower alternative.We are a group of countries united only by a weak thread's economical, there are even some that are in disobedience to Brussels. Trump, who as I said sees everything in economic terms, it sends a message to the outside and also of domestic consumption: 'If Europe does not spend 2% on Defence and to spend more on social aid, we have to pay for your account and we can't help our citizens'.There has never been a power with such military superiority as the US. Does it make sense that a country has a budget on Defence which is the sum of the 10 following countries?Between civilians and military personnel by the american army pays for the payroll of 2.5 million people. It is the largest employer in the world.In spite of its army and secret services, the GDP of Russia is similar to that of Spain. Are we inflating the power of Putin?One thing is the power and the other is the potentiality, the latter is gigantic in Russia, despite its problems, both by territory as by natural resources. There are voices exaggerated to say that Russia could plant their armored divisions in Europe. But the war is done, as said Napoleon, with three things: "Money, money and money". Russia does not have the capacity nor the allies, and Europe also has two countries with nuclear capabilities (France and the United Kingdom). What you want Russia is to sell their products to europeans. How is it Putin?Cunning and smart. A great leader. It is said that he has lost popularity, yes, it has gone from 80% to 60% by the announcement of the delay of the retirement age, even so it is a figure of tremendous, unimaginable in a western politician. The russians have recovered their pride. It presents us with an image of demonic, but many russians, even the expatriates with whom I have tried, I have a lot of admiration.You were about to direct the National Security with the government of Sanchez but he was accused of 'pro-Russian' and was finally discarded. There was a campaign well run by people who are against the present-day Russia. It was a political issue. My speech has always been the same. I have been talking a long time ago that the solution to Europe passes through an approach to Moscow. There are already high charges of French and germans recognise that has been a mistake in this clash. Maybe there will be a time in the us to call on them to them. In Spain generated a lot of controversy that the military talk about politics. The former CDS José Julio Rodríguez (now the secretary general of we Can in Madrid) was highly criticized for taking the step.It is true that in the US the military is involved in politics, but in Spain the more we are at the margin, the better. It even increases our prestige and strength. We avoid a few rants that do not correspond to us. We are servants of the people.The margin of the political issues, what failed the Intelligence of the state with the crisis in Catalonia?In my career, I have studied carefully the processes nationalists. In Europe it has been left to play to these sentiments and in addition they have acted in a very smart way. I know the topic is Catalan, but I'm not going to make any comment. What is the great danger facing Spain in the XXI century?The aging of the population. Soon we will be the country's most long-lived of the world with a birth rate very low. I predict a new economic crisis soon in which you may not be able to withstand the social burden that is coming. Added to that there is a youth well-educated that he feels a great frustration at not being able to develop economically. Can not be that a pensioner earn double that a young man in fullness. In the future there will be a small elite with very good jobs, a middle class that will be low-wage misery, and, finally, a part of the population that will have to be subsidized for life to survive, at least as long as there are resources. We are dedicated to the revolution.

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Date Of Update: 12 November 2018, 20:00

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