Sergio Morate: "If I get to have more time to prepare I do not pilláis"

Second day of the trial of Sergio Morate. ATLAS

Sergio Morate:
Second day of the trial of Sergio Morate. ATLAS "Marina felt persecuted, I was afraid and suffered physical violence"

40 tests and 27 witnesses to clarify the double crime of Cuenca

"I could Not bear to see the faces of Marina and I had to cover with a bag". On September 5, 2015, Sergio Morate arrived extradited from Romania to the airport of Torrejon de Ardoz (Madrid) and received two of the investigators of the case that followed established a relationship of trust: "I have bundled fat, I'm fucked", he confessed.

In the hours that these cops custodiaron at the airport and during their subsequent transfer to Cuenca, Sergio Morate, that in the judgment has been welcomed to his right not to testify and his defense has denied the facts, he told the investigators to details of how to moved the bodies: "got one in the trunk and the other between the seats." At least that's what stated one of the above-mentioned police -the chief inspector of the judicial police in Cuenca, specifically, the maximum responsible of the research - during the second session of the trial against Morante being held this week in Provincial court of Cuenca in the murders, in August of 2015, of his former partner, Marina Okarynska, and friend, Laura of the Hole.

Morate was opened especially to recognize, have been told by the inspector, the other agent and the police officer who had been in contact with his family during his disappearance and that his mother had spoken to him very well. It showed, according to the declaration of the inspector, especially affected by the death of Laura from the Hole, the friend who accompanied Marina to the house of Sergio to pick up his clothes. "He said that he felt what of Laura, that is not what he expected and that he was sorry for what Laura. When he spoke of something concerning Marine envalentonaba, was coming up, as if he had rabies. When he spoke of Laura was quite the opposite, it was coming down, lowered the head... 'poor Laura', he went on to say on occasion".

Morate even would have tried that Navy does not go up with Laura to his apartment in the calle Río Gritos, in Cuenca capital, where the research situates the murders. "When he found out that they were the two, Marina and Laura, below, discussed with Marina [on the phone] because I didn't want Laura to rise. 'Do not upload that I don't have the clothes ready,'" he reproduced the head of the research words of Morate. "Marina insisted on climbing up and rang the bell, and was already at the door. He opened the door, closed it with a key and there are no more...".

Morate not told them what happened inside, explained to the inspector the court, but how he would have gotten rid of the bodies and his fear of being discovered. "He asked if we had spoken with all the neighbors. 'Is there me cagué, because I heard a noise'. It was when lowered the bodies to the car [in the garage], first one and then another in the elevator. Heard a noise and thought it was a neighbor, so was wondering if we had spoken with a neighbor because I thought that one heard something." Morate asked, said the person in charge of the investigation during the almost three hours that lasted his testimony, to be kept near him, who wanted to collaborate and would declare everything if it served to reduce his sentence, "because what I got pretty fucked up, pretty badly".

I also requested that they would intercede to bring them to the prison of Estremera -the prison that is - instead of the Basin. "There I are going to divorce, I have friends, you know what I have done, what I'm going to go very wrong, and I don't want to be there. Please speak with the judge to see if I can go to Estremera". Morate was also knowledgeable of the Criminal Code and of the accusation that more suited him. "I want two murders," I said. "He said that was not the same as him convicted for two murders for two murders, who had been reading the sentences that were meant one and the other. I was obsessed by cases in the media, such as Breton, Marta del Castillo, or Alcasser. Asked my colleague: 'what Thou hast been in the case in Breton?' With the event Breton was an obsession that he had".

The head of the judicial police in Cuenca told also that Morate was convinced that were it not for the unexpected presence of Laura the investigators would not have been able to relate it with the murders, referring to the grave where they found the dead bodies, the hollow of which seemed to have been excavated for a single person. In fact, during the session on Tuesday also stated the neighbor who found the bodies on August 12, 2015, six days after the disappearance, in an area of the pools of the River Huécar known as the still life and to which he approached alerted by the strong smell, thinking that it would be a dead animal.

"I First saw the feet of a, I immediately called the dogs that were not zascandileando. I already knew that they were looking for," explained the witness. Then, in a second ocular inspection, while awaiting the arrival of the police, found "that there were two". To tinker the makeshift grave as he explained to Morate the inspector with which he confessed, was due to the decision to flee to Romania. "Also told that after seeing how he had left the place, which was not well, that got to sting there, that that was a stone... 'Impossible, I had soreness for a week. When I saw the result of what I saw that I had to go to Spain already. If I get to have more time to prepare I do not pilláis'".

The head of the judicial Police in Cuenca was also present during the interrogations that were carried out in Romania in September 2015 to Istvin H, his wife Sophia and his brother, Gabriel. Morate I had known Istvin in 2008 in the prison of Cuenca, where he was for sentence for an assault on another ex-partner. Istvin was also the person who welcomed him to his home in Lugoj (Romania) when Morate fled from Spain.

At the home of Itsvin was arrested on 13 August. His testimony, expected from Romania by videoconference, was key because Istvin declared to the Romanian police who Morate, to his arrival in Romania, she confessed that she had killed Marina . "Didn't believe him, why not warn the Police," testified then. Tuesday at 11.00 hours, when the court contacted the court Romanian where they were to be Itsvan, his wife, Sophia, and brother of Istvin, Gabriel, to intervene in the videoconference, none of the three had been submitted.

The magistrate Romanian explained that Istvin had gone to work in Germany and that his wife had not been able to go because you have a small child that he could not just leave. The president of the court asked to his fellow Romanian that is to try to find Istvin and conduzca his wife to declare "using the public force" if necessary. He agreed to a new connection with Romania for Wednesday at 10.00 am.

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Is the only witness who has requested special protection measures so that during your declaration has prohibited the dissemination of his image and of his testimony. This is the girl that Sergio Morate maintained a relationship between 2001 and 2005 and who reported it for threats and illegal detention, offences for which Morate was sentenced to three years and two months in prison, of which he served 18 months in jail in Basin. According to the judgment, 16 days later that this young man would break up with him, in April 2015, Morate, as it allegedly did with Marina, he mentioned it in his house when his parents were not. Once there, he removed her mobile phone, locked her in a room, undressed her torn clothes ripped and we took pictures then threaten to publish them on the social networks, if not returned with him. Had it on hold for two hours "This has to be arranged by hook or by crook", "if you don't come back with me, I'm going to commit suicide", "I've been all week planning it", are some of the phrases with which Morate has threatened repeatedly. Yesterday returned to be with him in the same room and remember what he did to her.

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