Ten minutes of intercourse are more than enough

studies on the average length of the penetration offered by data overflowing: there are sexual acts, 33 seconds and up to 44 minutes with no brake but the ideal

Ten minutes of intercourse are more than enough

studies on the average length of the penetration offered by data overflowing: there are sexual acts, 33 seconds and up to 44 minutes with no brake but the ideal is not to reach 30

it Is, for men, a veiled indicator of his virility, of that which is called endurance, while, for them, conditions in many cases the orgasm they tend to take longer to get it. This night, in which Spain changed from time -to 03.00 will be 02.00 - don't over analyze the importance, or not, of the time in the development of the sexual encounter.

And here comes the first difficulty because the act is not the same for everyone: there are those who include in their idea of sex is also the cuddles previous -that which now is called petting - and there are others that identify sex only with intercourse, that is, with penetration.

The first thing that should be clear is that, for experts, sexologists and psychologists in particular, a sexual relationship encompasses everything: kissing, touching, masturbaciones joint, petting and even cuddling. But these are the same experts who, in recent years, have produced numerous studies around the world with the aim of getting to know to the detail how long the intercourse, which is the time average and also what the partners consider to be "adequate, desirable, too short or too long".

why? Because analyzing what is known as "latency time intravaginal ejaculatory" (IELT for its acronym in English) allows also to study the dreaded premature ejaculation.

And then there are the myths. In the footsteps of viewing pornographic in the mind of individuals, the idea of sex as a competition and as a do of chest. None of that helps. What it does serve is to attend to the results of the research. For example, according to a study prepared by the University of Pennsylvania, in the united States, "good sex does not last hours but minutes."

In practice, we would be talking about a time span of between three and 13 minutes, not counting with the very beginning, all those affections above set forth. In particular, the study highlights that "between three and seven minutes," would be a intercourse proper, "between seven and 13 would be desirable","too short-between one and two minutes," and "too long for 10 to 30 minutes".

"The popular culture of today reinforces stereotypes about sexual activity, many men and women seem to believe the fantasies of huge dicks, erections like rocks, and sexual encounters that last all night," explain the authors of the research, Eric Cory and Jenay Guardiani.

These authors also point out that, in previous decades, people related a good sex with a sex of long duration, but report that the tables have changed, like, old, a premature ejaculator he was considered a man of virile because if the woman came or not to the climax lacked importance.

that Is to say, the sexual liberation of the woman unveils one of the great ghosts of men: to ejaculate before time. Ah, the time. "What we wanted to achieve with this report is that men and women realize that having data and information credible about sex reduces the possibility of feeling disappointments or even suffer dysfunctions", work continues.

The peculiarities are also cultural. In other research on the average time of intercourse in the comparison between countries (the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, the United Kingdom and the united States) it was established that in 5.4 minutes were enough to enjoy. Far below were the turks, who have an average penetration of 3.7 minutes -turk passion - and came to the conclusion that nothing impacts on these averages, the use or non-use of the condom, and neither that the man is or is not circumcised, except in Turkey, where the circumcised get one more minute of intercourse.

beyond the figures of the demon, the important thing is to be mindful of another of the insistence of key sexologists that orgasm is not an end, nor the sexual encounter plays out in a court, that what is important is to participate and above all to live every gesture with care and intensity.

According to the criteria of

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Updated Date: 29 October 2018, 19:01

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