The best floral artist of the world: "In my house I have the flowers mustias that nobody wants"

In a tavern in the center of Cordoba, tasting for the first time, a fine, Mark Colle, the greatest floral artist of the world, shows his hands. Has the black na

The best floral artist of the world:

In a tavern in the center of Cordoba, tasting for the first time, a fine, Mark Colle, the greatest floral artist of the world, shows his hands. Has the black nails of the earth and a biography of scratches on the palms: "don't call me an artist, I'm a guy that has a shop in Antwerp and that makes orders floral". Colle has just won the second edition of Flora, the festival more instagrameable of our geography. In this quote, the best experts in the delicate area, create each one a large installation and veer towards the contemporary art tradition floral city, whose feast of the patios is an Intangible Heritage of The UNESCO.

it Was the first time in a contest for the belgian, usual of the house of Dior and intimate of Raf Simons. In haute couture, he is the florist that all they want to hire. Came into this world because he was a teenager angry that I didn't want to sit down to study. I didn't know what to do with their hands and someone put some of the stems between them. From the first day, he showed a natural talent for combining colours and species to select even those specimens less fortunate and give them a new beauty, creating "something that no one had seen until then."

Says that there is not a day that suffer from stress. Unusual in the world of fashion.Fashion is only stressful if you allow it to be. Clear that the first few times I felt fear, but learn to master it. It is a world in which, since then, the demand is tremendous. A designer can throw you a job if a purple is too much purple or orange, not enough orange. What do you do against this? What is in your hand, not all the flowers can be controlled. Flora is a festival of contemporary art and you just win. Why is not considered an artist?". Because I'm a guy that has a florist. I like to be creative, that is what I am. The flowers are not something I've particularly liked, I'm excited for more music, for example. However, I got well and got out a calmer person. Twenty-five years later, I continue to help. I put the same interest in a parade of Dior in a teenager who comes to my shop babbling because you want to a flower for a girl.

it Was the fashion which, in reality, there ensued in the race of Colle; he didn't look. 29-year-old opened his shop and the amberinos succumbed to his talent. "The fashion I was not interested either, but it was a challenge to decorate a parade, so I agreed. That day I spent nerves, you see a lot of people involved, great professional, trusting in your work. I got off the plane and had journalists sacándome photos and wanting to interview me. In the end, everything went well and here I am. I guess I've always been in the right place at just the right time". His shop, he insists, he retains on the ground in front of the schizophrenia continues to travel to New York and Paris.

did you Know some art floral before you specialise? Nothing. Or what I know now. I don't read on the subject or attend conventions. I try not to get a better grasp of trends not to affect my work. I am inspired by things that have nothing to do with the world. A song, a movie... and then improvisoNo should be an easy material to work with. Input, is perecederoPara me is simple. The flowers are a tool to, I guess, to express who I am. But it could have been flowers as they could have been vessels.

Colle looks at his cup of thin, empty, and asks for another while humming his way of working: it comes quickly, never looking back, ending an assignment and was up for another, so we never get to see their works wither. Her favorite flower is the dahlia: "it Is wonderful because it has something old-fashioned and futuristic. Working with her is rather like paint and, in addition, its features allows you to create things very crazy".

Says not to follow trends, but it must be complicated if it works for Dior. Something I learn. After a few years that sent the spectacularization, the parades tend now to decorated more intimate and minimalist. I've seen your work. Of simple has recently. It is true that my structures have strength and that I think combinations aggressive. But I'm not trying to be emphatic or convey a particular message. Work from the gut and thinking of making more people happy. Do you have in mind the aroma at the time of work? When you give flowers to someone, the first thing you will do is to smell, as a reflex action, so that, effectively, it is important. On one occasion I filled a room of orchids. Nobody thinks about the scent of this flower, but when you put 25,000 of them in the same place the result at the level olfactory is spectacular. Would you like to see your art in museums? At all. In fact, I don't like to see art in the museums. The visit and I left with the idea that they are not the best place to contemplate art. Here they asked me if I wanted people to interactuase with my installation and I said of course. What if damage it?, I said someone. I replied that I did not care that was to change because the public has come to see its details or touch it. That is the most beautiful. Is raised orders larger? Cover a bridge or a square with his work. The dimensions are not important, I like a challenge but not go from that. I'm more interested in doing things that have been done before. I dream of working for a movie, for example. Have you seen Suspiria? It would have been wonderful to be there. In fact, those blue and red are pretty I. In the end, there are many florists best and are not known. I'm trying to do well with what you do and keep experimenting and accepting challenges. Define challenge. To take care of the flowers for the funeral of my father what it was. A challenge, painful, and emotional that I won't be able to forget. Do you have flowers at home? Clear. That no one wants or lame of the store because they are about to be put mustias.

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