The organized crime leaves its trace most violent in the Costa del Sol

Executions, shootings, kidnapping, torture and even explosives make up more than a dozen violent incidents linked to organized crime A man shot dead in one

The organized crime leaves its trace most violent in the Costa del Sol

Executions, shootings, kidnapping, torture and even explosives make up more than a dozen violent incidents linked to organized crime

A man shot dead in one of the most luxurious developments in Marbella

Seized more than six tons of 'coca' and falls a powerful network of drug traffickers installed in the Coast of the Sun

The Police are investigating a new set of accounts with bombs on the Costa del Sol

Dies man shot in a restaurant in Torremolinos

shot Dead in the door of the church where I had to make the communion of your child

Executions, shootings, kidnappings, torture and even explosives are the methods used by criminal organizations to adjust their accounts in the Costa del Sol, where so far this year there have been at least nine deaths related to all kinds of criminal activities, although the drug takes the cake.

From the beginning of the year have found more than a dozen violent incidents linked to organized crime in the province of Malaga, but also in the neighbouring Cadiz, since in occasions there is a flow of events or are closely related to the area of the Field of Gibraltar, beset by the problems of drug trafficking and irregular immigration.

The Forces and Bodies of Security of the State have observed the resurgence of violence in the coastal zone west of the province of Malaga as a result of the struggle between the gangs organized that are vying for control of cocaine trafficking, but who are also dedicated to the purchase and sale of weapons, trafficking of people and mainly the money laundering. Do not forget that the organization of 'Site' Miñanco, the famous drug dealer, galician, used car dealers in Marbella and Algeciras, according to the researchers of its organization, deconstructed recently.

What is certain is that there are in the coastal strip west of Andalusia multiple bands of different nationalities, such as the Uk, Morocco, Spain, Colombia, Serbia or Russia, and all compete for the hegemony to the point of stealing between them, what is known as 'rollover', and that brings up bloody account settings to "warn or give an example", as explained to THE WORLD to police sources.

The situation is not new, as the Costa del Sol already had a stage in black 1999, when in just six months there were 13 deaths related to the criminal activity among the organized networks; and in 2004 there was a resurgence of the violence that ended the life of a child of 7 years.

In fact, the own subdelegada of the Government in the province, María Gámez, admitted after one of the last acts of violence committed, that the event was added "to other cases of criminal networks related to drug trafficking in the Costa del Sol ". "Unfortunately these facts are well known in the environment of the Costa del Sol and on them the Police and Civil Guard work firmly and move forward to pursue the criminals and put a stop to this type of criminal conduct widespread," he assured.

the Shot

The most recent happened last Tuesday night in the luxurious urbanization of Marbella, where a man of French nationality, and 58 years of age and with a history for drug trafficking died a stitched shot dead in his garage. Has taken charge of the research Unit of Drugs and Organized Crime on the Costa del Sol (UDYCO), the group of Murders and the police Station of Marbella.

on October 27, was killed as well by shooting a Dutch national member of a network of drug and explosive expert. Was gunned down while he dined at a well-known restaurant on the promenade of Torremolinos, in front of all the customers. It turns out that the victim had been detained the day 9 of that same month for his alleged involvement in placing a bomb in the urbanization High of los Monteros in Marbella, which was detonated by the eod team on the 12th of September.

Past midnight on the 10th of October did blast two artifacts in a ship in the polygon of San Pedro de Alcántara (Marbella) and in a villa in an exclusive area of the town surrounding of Benahavis. This was the residence and the premises of the employer maghrebi related to the 'Maradona', a drug dealer murdered in Marbella a few months before for allegedly having stolen drugs to a cartel in colombia.

narco was executed in his car after leaving a church in San Pedro de Alcántara where his son had just made her First holy Communion on may 12 of this year.

In the wake of the explosions that months after they destroyed the properties of the entrepreneur, the maghreb, the National Police began an investigation, in the line that the victim was a figurehead of the narco murdered and if this double attack to end his life responded to an adjustment of accounts be part of the network. In addition, the man had also collaborated with the authorities to clarify the death of 'Maradona' and the previous attack that suffered its fitness centre and a poolside snack bar in the Costa del Sol.

Just a week before, on 3 October, a young man was kidnapped with great violence on a main avenue of Estepona . A group of hooded men began shooting at night on the busy street and drove away. Hours after his body was found in a yard in Algeciras. According to investigation sources, he was a narco who had done a 'roll-over' to a clan of drugs of Gibraltar.


Agents of the National Police force ended up with the life of a drug and weapons dealer in Cancelada (Estepona) on the 10th of September. What they did was in self-defense, after the young englishman was seen involved in a traffic accident in Puerto Banus which was given to the leak and once located, received the police officers with total normality, to lead them to the interior of the housing and firing at them. I had more than 30 criminal history in their country of origin.

Two days before a citizen scottish had been tortured. It was found in Marbella with the tendons cut, and with signs of having been a victim of the 'smile of the Joker', a system used by offices of sicarios in colombia to collect drug debts for which consists in slitting the corners of the lips to a person and tickle to be opening up more cuts and end up bleeding to death

Two dead in three days

The month of August was especialmente intense. Two dead in three days and a band of disjointed. On the 20th of the month summer was killed a 34 year-old man in Estepona by someone who fled on a bike and that was investigated as a new case of adjustment of accounts. It happened the next day of the National Police desarticulara in this same locality a network of drug traffickers displaced from Catalonia and posing for the civil guards to steal the drug to other houses of the province of Cadiz.

Just 48 hours before two Swedish citizens were kidnapped and savagely tortured, one of them to death, in Mijas. The Guardia Civil arrested shortly after the three hit men when they pretended to flee Spain.

on The day 12 a car of high range and tuition arab blew up outside and he came out blazing in full Puerto Banus, without that transcended more details of what happened, or about their occupants. The 5 of August, precisely, there had been a confrontation in the shots between belgians and Dutch at the end of a famous night club of the Costa del Sol, with the result of several injuries.

That same day 5 was stopped in Marbella the number 3 of the Russian mafia when she participated in a meeting with other criminals who were planning to kill a rival. The arrested were intended to restructure the organization disbanded in June of 2016 when they were arrested 129 people, including seven heads, in the so-called Operation Kus.

Kidnappings and executions

The month of may was especially strong for the Forces and Bodies of Security of the State and several events are swirling around the execution, the 12 of may, of the narco 'Maradona' when he went with his family to the church where he celebrated the Communion of his son. A day later, a maghrebi was released in the later part of the La Cañada shopping centre in Marbella, after being kidnapped and bound more than 24 hours.

may 11, had been arrested two persons for kidnapping in march by two men in broad daylight in Manilva, where hours before, they had done the same with a third party that managed to escape, to take it to the head of the organization dedicated to drug trafficking.

Just the day prior to the arrests, there were 23 detainees in a network based in Málaga and Cádiz dedicated to the theft of goods to other drug dealers and investigated from 2016 with the collaboration, not only of National Police and Civil Guard in addition to Customs Surveillance, but of the Interpol, given the international nature of its members.

Just three days before he was found by a citizen Croatian dead in a ditch near the Hospital Costa del Sol, in Marbella. He was bruised and stitched with bullet holes. He had been kidnapped along with his wife 24 hours before, even though she saved my life.

The year had started with a confusing tragedy in a cortijo in Casares, where five hooded men were killed by blows to a goatherd and wounding two others after them on the property looking for drugs.

Balance of criminality

The killings intentional killings accomplished have increased in the province of Malaga 87.5% between January and September compared with the same period of the previous year, rising from 8 in 2017 to 15, a number that has been increased in the last two months. In total, authorities are investigating as a suspected account settings organized crime at least nine cases in total.

The abductions have gone up also in a 50% according to the data it collects the Balance of the Criminality of the third quarter of 2018 published by the Ministry of the Interior.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 27 November 2018, 08:01

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