Upset by the cuts overlaps with the 'procés'

The mobilization of public workers in Catalonia inspires the independence to approve budgets Officials, doctors, teachers, and students have had to go down to

Upset by the cuts overlaps with the 'procés'

The mobilization of public workers in Catalonia inspires the independence to approve budgets

Officials, doctors, teachers, and students have had to go down together to the street in Catalonia to return the claim to the social to the axis of the policy and the cover, taken by the resonances of the process of the independence movement. After the excitement in mobilizing supporters and opponents of the secession, the protests against the decay of public services-actors in 2011, in the first minutes of the executive preprocés of Artur Mas, backed by the PP - have re-emerged with a power drive and a freak in the past few years and of the hand of the workers in the pay of the Government. According to the State Association of Directors and Managers in Social Services, the Generalitat is the institution autonomous fewer budget restrictions has come undone, with a 20% less of social spending by 2017 compared to 2009, before the blow of the crisis.

"Some patients told me that they did not understand why we have taken so long to come out," admits a doctor at a hospital concluded that requests anonymity. Believes that we have taken far too long to show the discomfort of the public function, especially in the health sector, the worse off by the containment measures of the government: perceived 3.328 million euros less last year than in 2009.

"the doctors cost us a lot to go on strike. We treat people, and it costs to replace the visits that we make, because the lists are full," he says. Please note that the optional "are overloaded, with 35 to 50 visits a day" in the network of hospitals with the Generalitat, which brings more than 10,000 physicians and 214 centers to the public health. Currency that "has pissed off the inaction of the Government" in front of the dedication of the professionals, who have endured more work due to the lack of hiring to take care of an ageing population.

"This Government has not been moved from the flag. Although we also feel, there are aspects that have been left that are as important or more", complains that the same doctor, that defines independence. "But I can't match up with those that have been cut both in the health and social services of Catalonia", he says. "The procés may have come to have an effect of sunglasses, because the people were excited," he continues, "but we have not slowed protests for it or we have stopped saying that the problems existed".

The seizure of the 1-O

"While they were imprisoning members of the Government by a referendum in which 80% of the population could agree it was difficult to raise other political and social agenda", he argues, Marc Casanovas, a spokesman of the inter-Union Alternative of Catalonia (IAC), signified in favor of the plebiscite outlawed on the independence and freedom of the leaders prosecuted. Rebates have lowered their demands to rise to the sovereignty, recalling that the union was a strike in the education in 2016 "won"; the section on teaching, USTEC, ensures that forced that way to the executive Carles Puigdemont to incorporate 4.714 teachers, to which the same central requires add other 7.200 teachers to regain levels of eight years ago.

unemployment is not taken up again in 2017, due to the "political situation in turmoil, with attacks on the frameworks of sovereignty" of around 1-Or, interpreted Casanovas. You agree that "certain sectors, interested in models privatizadores, have been able to use" the debate on territorial to obviate snips, "but a thick very important movement that is expressed on the 1st of October or in the strikes of October 3 and November 9, manifested itself also by the social rights".

"we don't see it as contradictory", he argues. "The other thing is that, after years of crisis and apply article 155, we find to be patted on the back instead of return of rights", mar.

"In all it has covered the social vindication in Catalonia", explains the president of Metges of Catalonia, Jordi Cruz. "In Malaga, the doctors spent weeks protesting, and no one makes them case. Is it that there are procés there? The social part has been left here as in other communities by a funding model scarce", analyzes.

"The people have come out burnt"

The medical organization, majority among the physicians catalans, has led the march to engage the Government to hire 250 professionals in the primary care. "People have come out burned. We have lost 20% to 30% of purchasing power, and we no longer have around 1,000 peers", testa Cross, who hoped that the impact of the call to undo a reluctance to approve the bills in the Parliament, as well as those of the State, locked by the counterparties that the independence forces demanded for the prisoners. "The public would not understand that they lose 2,200 million, 10% of the budget of the government", he warns.

"there can be No other response than to approve them", abounds the spokesman of USTEC, Ramon Font, to the front of the teachers who missed class on Thursday: "five years Ago, the demonstrations were defensive to protect themselves, and now they are offensive, because we have five years of growth and we're still not even as when it is applied to the first cuts. If not reversed, the social peace will be impossible, and you can lose a lot of money if it is not approved the State Budget". The turmoil has not ended: the UGT and CCOO called the civil service Catalan to strike the 12 of December.

15.000 officials less

The servants union CSIF notes that the announcement of the Government to pay in installments until 2026 1,100 million euros owing on pay extra "he has finished out of their boxes" of public employees, observed its chairman in the region, Joan Escamilla. "Has dominated the political discussion and our requests have been parked. But all those who have been in power have acted against the officials," he adds, and mentions the lowered wage dictated by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Mariano Rajoy from the Moncloa. According to CSIF, have lost some 15,000 career officials in the conselleries, falling from 98.413 in 2010 to 83.866 in 2017, at the same time that the caretaker is doubled from 18,000 to 36,000.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 04 December 2018, 08:01

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