Vanesa Martin: "you do Not learn to thrill in an academy"

Vanesa Martin. Malaga, 1980. The composer's best-sellers going for their sixth album ('All the women who live in me', Warner, 2018) and his love affair with

Vanesa Martin:

Vanesa Martin. Malaga, 1980. The composer's best-sellers going for their sixth album ('All the women who live in me', Warner, 2018) and his love affair with the public continues to live. A projected tour long and ambitious, and in the meantime we count things.

Sorry for the joke, but 'All the women who live in me' sounds like a superhero with multiple personalities, type Legion.Yes! Is that a little bit, I talk about the complexity of the human being, of the different personalities that make up a single.What have you discovered about you?I have accepted that the one who governs my steps is my most visceral, my left side, as I say in the song.Are you comfortable being temperamental?Now I accept it without embarrassment. Gave less hugs than I'd like, and that I've started to break it. Life is a search, and acceptance.If I say that you are a songwriter, do you like it?I write what I sing. But I hate the fact that the word is a little marked by a negative connotation. "If the songwriters are the new indies!Is usually identify the singer with a social commitment and letters aware. You sing about all of their emotions.Climate change worries me a lot, but a song on that I don't go out, as you say. Hopefully I get out. But if ahondas in the songs, you'll see that I criticize the inequality, the injustice, and that I can't stand the judges of morality.Emotions are not a minor thing, eye. Especially if they are shared.Clear. In a song I sing to the guilt, to feel guilty for anything. It should not be so, we have to be responsible of our actions and improve, to make life pleasant to others, but do not torment us with horrible things that have not happened.What emotion is everything? For example, it seems that the audience of operación Triunfo this year has dropped because "no thrills".Emotion neither explains nor pretends to be, or you have it or you don't have, or empatizas with a story or not empatizas, and that cannot be learned in any academy, that goes inside one.Are you following OT, by the way?This year less, the truth. I have little free time. The past year was still more.Do you like any voice in particular?Julia I like, and then a blond girl, how is it called?Mary.Mary, that is. The contest is a lottery, because in a song you play everything and influence so many things... An artist is a complement to so many things that it is unfair.As a woman, what is the most important thing that you think that you can say now?Feminism is summed up in the respect. A person that respects another, how can you place it under? Respect is the key. Genius and talent are not only on one side of the scale, those who have what you have, and who is not, do not; doesn't matter the sex, social class, Has hundreds of thousands of fans that follow and want to know about you, but you is reserved. Does it bother you to receive care?In general I am pretty transparent, but my private life is for me, and there I decide I. It is not a question of being finicky, I don't have anything to hide, I live my life as I want, but I shame to speak up and ask for respect. Without a guitar, how does it feel?It's just as well! I'm not going with her all the day start, is to sing and compose.What and without being able to live each day in Malaga?Echo is much less my city. And look who Madrid I love. I would like to live always on horseback between one city and another.Yesterday [14 November] it was his birthday. what would you have given?Glasses. Every year I go to the ophthalmologist to see if I have any gradito of something, and nothing. But I want glasses. I gave a very graceful, of those that gather in the front... And I went with the glasses-outs to all parties, such as young children.

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Date Of Update: 05 December 2018, 20:01

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