Víctor Manuel: "you can Not like it all unless you don't talk about anything as Julio Iglesias"

VICTOR MANUEL. Mieres, Asturias, 1947. One of the legends of Spanish music brings out her first album with new songs in 10 years: Almost nothing is in its place

Víctor Manuel:

VICTOR MANUEL. Mieres, Asturias, 1947. One of the legends of Spanish music brings out her first album with new songs in 10 years: Almost nothing is in its place. And it does so despite the fact that he knows perfectly how you are going to receive: "they're All going to tell me that the poor were before."

Wore 10 years without recording a disc of new songs, what made you start composing again? That's so romantic of inspiration and the muses?No, No. Just what I decided. Composing songs is chop stone. To lock you and see what you get, always knowing that many days will not come out of nothing. With the feeling in addition, when you stop spending so much time, that you forgot everything, that you don't know. But I shut up and I got a stream of songs as never before in my life. I usually write just for a drive and suddenly I saw myself with this avalanche. I forced myself to stop because I was going out of hand.Is it worth it to get out of the comfort of the tours of great success and the applause safe?Depends on each. I have many colleagues of my age who have already decided not to write or a song more. With a great argument: that every time you take a new disk, tell them that the poor were before. That's what happens always, are waiting for you to tell you that the song beautiful was The pilgrimage. That has a lot to do with how it affects the music in the people. The music will set on an age, a space, a first girlfriend... We are listening to songs from the teenage years to 40 years as maximum, others are repeats, you only want to re-listen to what you already liked.The disk sounds like mr. angry with the world.Yes, a little. Is what I always do: try to count the time in which I live and how I get along with him. I have been asked a lot about the title of the album: what is what is not on your site? Because, as I put it to the list we have never the interview.Many years has been writing political songs in a country where the debate tends to be shouting how It compensates for the mess?This country is very sectarian: with me or against me. Spain are two countries clearly, left and right. But I, since I started singing, I knew that I could not like to all over the world. What I discovered soon, when he sang some of my first songs and I could see people that they put the hairs like hooks. And when you assume that, since you tranquilizas. There is another formula that is not to talk about anything to appeal to everyone, be July Churches. It is a choice of life and art that I respect, but it is not mine. It is becoming more widespread in the music, in fact. Almost no one wants to already have edges. It seems that the only ones that will come out of the pot are Maluma and this type of latino singers who say things that to us seem politically incorrect... but the say.Do you listen to current music?A lot... not to Maluma. Now I really like Imagine Dragons. I'm interested in a lot of current music and, with the ease that gives us Spotify to get to everything instantly, it is impossible not to investigate.What assessment do you make of the phenomenon Spotify?As a user, great. As percibidor of rights, a disaster. I complain to me level, but also complain about Madonna and the big sellers of the world. There is No money there. It has changed the business. Now everyone has returned to the road. They are coming on tour to Spain musicians that some years ago, they would have raised and now you are here each two-for-three with the guitar.

Can you warmed the mouth with the Transition and have had to accept the reality of hell

getting Back to politics, does the left today?Be left right now is complicated. Both find to whom to vote as to define it. In broad stroke should be to aspire to that all people to live better and around the world to find your site. And extending the concept to Africa, if you want, come whole here. But then you realize the shortcomings that have parties and you with respect to the ideal initial. And you end up falling in the vote practical. I have dispersed very little, the truth. I voted many years to the PCE, when it was fighting; voted to IU despite of Julio Anguita, and then, the PSOE.Being a symbol of the Transition, how does the review negative to the that is subjected lately to the process?I feel very bad. It is painful, so unjust that it is with a lot of people who have given their time, their energy and their life in fighting for a better country. To Can you warmed the mouth and is already picking up candles and backtracking, because they land in the real world, they see how difficult it is to make policy and receive a dose of reality that they have had to accept for sure. The Transition was made as it could with the rods that had. They couldn't make miracles. The only miracle that they wanted both parties was not to continue having a bloodbath of the dead and try to raise a better country. The politicians of then had more courage than the, now that you are with an eye askance on Twitter, in his image and in the next elections. With the box all the time. We are negotiating the budget while publicly you have to give a little kick to the PSOE because it asks its audience. But, well, entertain.Ana Bethlehem and you were for many years the partner of reference of the left, a little Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz for now. What felt examined? Yes, we have lived under the magnifying glass and always has been there a ribbon to moral absurdity. You know, what's typical is to see how well you are living to be of the left, both communism and look what a money... has Always seemed to me a bullshit that should not respond. I consider myself to be a free being because only I depend on the public, I don't send anyone and have never done so. Simply, I put some tickets on sale and the day that you do not buy it, I'm going to my house. I don't have another option vida.Su paternal grandfather, a republican, was executed by firing squad in the Civil War. Do you understand that you still let us go without having resolved the issue of the mass graves?I guess that all the right is not as well, but Married has such a genuine perverse things: that the family wanted to take the corpses for money and things like that. It seems to Me terrible. A part of the right wing of this country is very unfair to deny that possibility to the family. As estrambote, why don't you tell the parents of Marta del Castillo, they are not going to find more? With the same mechanism of bastards: tell parents that there is no more money, which is very expensive. Are things to me incomprehensible.Why not solved before, when in theory there were governments inclined to do so?The political class did not do the things when I make them. In the 80s, the PSOE with majorities absolute, no one cared to exhume Franco or bodies out of the graves. There was a social need. And I put as example my father: he died without telling me about my grandfather, I had never anything of the execution by firing squad. When we went to the common grave of the cemetery of Oviedo, and I asked him why they had killed the grandfather, told me that for stealing a basket of eggs. They came from the terror and were not claiming anything. When I started to have political problems for my career, he left notes threatening him in the windshield in Mieres. How are you going to ask for that generation anything? This has been an issue because of the grandchildren, that they see that we are the second country in the world in number of dead without identify after Cambodia. I miss that there was more courage in the 80's, but at the same time, I understand.What is left to carry often for the nostalgia of those years?I like a lot to remember things and to chat, but I don't have nostalgia for any time that you have lived. I would like to know what I know now and be 20 years, we have been fucked... But as this is so, you try to acompasarte with age and to do things with dignity. Above all, the goal is not to give punishment in the scenario.After so many years spinning with Ana Belén, Serrat and Miguel Rivers, does it seem unlikely to go out alone to the road?Imposing, imposes. Because when I'm with them, we took refuge in each other. If it gives you the pajara, there is another that covers you. But I can stand well, with a mixture badass of overwhelm and excitement.How can several of the most famous singers of this country to continue being friends? Where is that ego and envy of the artists?There is a mixture of admiration and in respect. We know what came before, how you are holding, what you had to do, which was to be as a cork: to me I don't sink anyone. And we have been floating, rising and falling together. We are a family.
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