Aaron Lewis attacks Bruce Springsteen in an anti-Left single. Internet calls him "artistically bankrupt"

Aaron Lewis dedicated the song "Am I the One" to all American patriots. He also attacked Bruce Springsteen, but the Internet was quick to condemn him

Aaron Lewis attacks Bruce Springsteen in an anti-Left single. Internet calls him "artistically bankrupt"

Aaron Lewis' new single, 'Am I The Only One' has been released. It may sound like a Taylor Swift ballad about longing but it is an anti-Left song that Bruce Springsteen hates. The country ballad is influenced by Lewis' strong conservative values, which he believes are true American patriotism. He's not alone in having strong patriotic sentiments. Many 'patriots" have gathered to praise and thank Lewis for the song's lyrics, as he announced it on Twitter. The other half of Twitter claims that "s**t sucks".

Lewis sings specifically about left-wing activists and key figures in American history. Springsteen is the target of his most venomous digs. He denounced former President Donald Trump during the US Presidential Elections in November 2020. Although many of the responses were positive, Lewis did not forget what happened on January 6, 2017, when the US Capitol was stormed. It also reminded Lewis that patriotism is not as simple as wearing a flag.

Lewis, who was one of the founding members in the band Staind released the single to his close-to 100K Twitter followers on Friday, July 2. The lyrics of the song were dedicated to "all patriots" by Lewis.

The lyrics of Lewis continue with "Am I alone / Willin’ to bleed/ Or take a bullet to be free / Screamin’ what the hell is my TV / You're telling me / That's all I have / Willin’ to fight / Because I love the red and the white / And blue, burning on the ground/ Another statue coming down / In your town / Watchin’ the threads of Old Glory unravel." Lewis then attempts to shade Springsteen by singing: "Am I alone / Who quits singing along / Everytime Springsteen sings a Springsteen song."

Lewis first performed the song in March at Texas' solo concert. He told Blabbermouth that he wrote the next song because he was a 49-year old father of three and watching as a small group of people destroyed the country that was passed down to him by his forefathers. This is the country my grandfather and my uncles fought for.

He said, "I saw the Joe Biden speech yesterday. It's something I do, even though I don’t know why. He told me the story of the Oklahoma massacre that occurred a long while ago. It's obvious, but no one seems to be able to talk about it. Every racist law ever passed, every scar on America's history was a result of the Democrats. It's all there. If you look, it's all there. Each racist law was drafted and passed unanimously by the f**king Democrats.

However, Lewis' song, The Left, is a blatant attack on the Left. A user replies to Lewis' tweet linking the video, writing: "I hope that you are the only one who is so entitled that it blinds you." This was one of the most popular responses to Lewis' tweet linking his song. The Left is patriotic, too. Different is Left fights for TRUE freedoms. Freedom to choose your own health, love what we want, be who you are, vote freely without restrictions, and freedom to make our own decisions. Another tweeter weighed in with sarcasm and said, "Don’t forget the storming at the Capitol." What a patriotic tweet! Lewis was warned by another: "Wrapping oneself in the flag won't save you from God’s judgment." You can either repent or face the fires of hellfire

Common responses to the song included "Yo, this is awful lmao" and "This sucks ans." Another user took to Twitter to vent their disgust at the song. It's apparently also the last refuge for the artistically bankrupt.

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