Adele pole dances at London nightclub, sending fans crazy

Who would have thought that one day you would be able to see "HTMO_ Adele ," pole dancing and "beige pantuit" all in the same sentence?

Adele pole dances at London nightclub, sending fans crazy

After footage of her performing an impromptu pole dancing for the crowd at London's Heaven nightclub's G-A-Y event, the Grammy-winning singer quickly became a hot topic.

After making an appearance on "The Graham Norton Show", which will air Friday, the British powerhouse made an unexpected visit Thursday night to the LGBTQ+ club to judge a contest with Cheryl Hole (a former " RuPaul" Drag Race UK judge).

Adele decided that it was the perfect time to demonstrate her pole skills while on stage.

She is seen dancing on the pole while her tongue pokes out in videos that circulated online. Another clip by @allegedly_adam shows Adele telling the winner, "We love being females, don't you?"

Fans were captivated by the appearance of "Easy On Me", with many praising her ability to dance, have fun, and let loose.

One fan wrote, "adele pole dancing in heaven who had this as their 2022 bingo card."

Jack Remington, a singer, said: "I'm losing it over the thought that Adele was in Heaven last night."

Cheryl Hole also shared photos on Instagram with Adele and herself at the nightclub. She captioned them: "Confirmed": @Adele was distraught I was eliminated from Drag Race as well. I love you, divalina.

Adele visited "The Graham Norton Show" before her Heaven appearance, where she talked about her cancelled Las Vegas date and her relationship with Rich Paul, a celebrity sports agent.

The Graham Norton Show airs Friday nights on BBC One.


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