American Airlines asked Olivia Culpo to wear a blouse before she flew

After American Airlines found Olivia Culpo's outfit inappropriate, they almost canceled her flight to paradise.

American Airlines asked Olivia Culpo to wear a blouse before she flew

When the former Miss USA was about to board a plane to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, her sister Aurora Culpo revealed that she had been told to "put on a blouse."

Aurora captioned, "Olivia, I am going to Cabo, and look at her outfit," while sharing Olivia's outfit, which included black biker shorts and a black bralette, as well as a black coverup.

She looks adorable. She seems appropriate. No. Aurora continued, "They call her up and tell her she must put on a blouse or she won't be able to board the plane." Tell me that it isn't so ridiculous. American Airlines, I love and miss you, get me to Cabo!

Before Olivia Culpo was able to board her plane, she ran into trouble with American Airlines. (Samir Hussein/WireImage)

Olivia shared the video with her sister, writing "Oh no, I'm confused lol." Is this inappropriate/offensive? It's up to aurora to make a scene. She wrote, "Hide me."

Aurora takes a follow up video from the airport and shows another passenger wearing an identical athleisure outfit as Olivia. The passenger commented on the fuss about Olivia's model look, "That's strange."

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit covermodel Aurora wore her boyfriend Christian McCaffrey’s sweatshirt. Aurora shared a photo later showing McCaffrey trying to keep warm on the plane wearing a T-shirt. Her Instagram Story captioned, "When you freeze because ur lady dress inappropriately AF." This is exactly how Jack died on the Titanic.

Former Miss USA chuckled at her Instagram wardrobe problem. (Dominique Charriau/WireImage))

The jokes did not stop there. Aurora made fun of the airlines by sharing a screenshot taken from a website that showed Olivia wearing similar clothing. Olivia's sister made a joke about "get kicked off @americanair starter kits."

Olivia assured her followers after the trio landed in Mexico that she was "dressed back" in her risque athliesure (ic), outfit, and that Christian had returned his clothes lol.

Fox News reached out to American Airlines in order for comments.

McCaffrey plays for the Carolina Panthers. Culpo wrote on Instagram that McCaffrey and McCaffrey celebrated their two-year anniversary.

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