Andra Day discusses Brad Pitt's dating rumors

Andra Day believes that the Brad Pitt dating rumors are a Hollywood fiction.

Andra Day discusses Brad Pitt's dating rumors

According to the 36-year-old singer of "Rise Up," she denied that she had spoken with Pitt at this year’s Oscars. She said she has "never met" the star, 57 years old.

Day said that "We are not dating" at Sunday's BET Awards. "We don’t even know each others."

She said that the story was "thin air"

Day claimed that her sister alerted her to the UK Mirror report in May that Pitt and she had swapped digits.

"My sister actually called me after and she was like, "You met Brad Pitt?" I replied, "I guess so. We did, I think. "

Day, despite rumours to the contrary, is a big fan of the Oscar-winning actor.

She said, "He's great though, however, super talented, wonderful."

After winning the Academy Award for the film "Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood", Pitt was presented with the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 2021 Oscars. Day was also nominated for Best Actress In a Leading Role in "The United States vs. Billie Holiday", but lost to Frances McDormand from "Nomadland".

During ongoing custody and divorcing drama with Angelina Jolie's ex, the "Fight Club” actor has been linked with women, including Nicole Poturalski (a model he dated for part of 2020). The couple split in October last year. A source told us that it wasn't as serious as we thought.

Jolie, 46 years old, and he have six children.

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