Anna Sorokin has seen parts of Inventing Anna. She is a thinker.

Netflix paid $320,000 to Sorokin for her story. She also consulted on the show.

Anna Sorokin has seen parts of Inventing Anna. She is a thinker.

Anna Sorokin has seen a portion of the Netflix series that was inspired by her antics and believes the fictionalized version of her is more "brazen than the real" her.

After watching portions of "Inventing Anna", Sorokin said that she felt more in control of how she appears, although not always. However, Emily Palmer , New York Times reporter, agreed with Sorokin.

Sorokin giggling, "I don’t think like I order people around so much."

Palmer stated that Sorokin laughed throughout most of the series.

After being found guilty of trying to defraud banks and hotels of hundreds of thousands of dollars, Sorokin spent four years in prison.

Prosecutors claimed that Sorokin convinced friends to lend her money to pay for her extravagant lifestyle. She falsely claimed she was Anna Delvey, a German heiress who had a fortune exceeding $60 million abroad.

Sorokin was freed on parole last year but, after six weeks of relative liberty, she was taken to federal custody because she had overstayed her visa.

Netflix paid her $320,000 for her story. 's article "Maybe she Had So Much Money, She Just Lost Track"

Shonda Rhimes' "Inventing Anna", which premiered last month, rekindled interest in the case. Sorokin was consulted for the series.

Palmer was told by Sorokin that she felt like she had moved on from a long time ago. She also said that she is not in the same place.

"When I imagined the show ending, I thought that I would be free. But I am still in prison so I can't really say that I have moved on." She said that she did, but not that I did. "I did, and I didn't, like in some aspects, but in others, I'm still at the same place," she stated.

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