Are you ready to rumble the reels?

Fancy a dance with the Devil? Or a walk on the wild side? Well, here are some Slots games that may help you in doing just that

Are you ready to rumble the reels?

Fancy a dance with the Devil? Or a walk on the wild side? Well, here are some Slots games that may help you in doing just that, and allow you to find out the best casino promotions!

One of the darker games on offer is Red Tiger Gaming’s Devil’s Number. With an eerie and atmospheric vibe to the game, you are sure to get a thrill out of your gameplay. The five-reel, 30-payline Slot is accompanied by an equally as edgy hard-rock soundtrack, transporting players into a horror film as they become immersed in the game. Despite the surrounding setting being a dark, dank library filled with skulls and crossbones lurking between the books, the reels themselves are actually filled with light-hearted comic book-style symbols. The contrast of the setting and symbols are what gives the game its edge, keeping players wanting more.

Most of the symbols used in this game follow the traditional playing card style, ranging from tens to aces, but with the topical addition of several other themed icons, some of which offer higher payouts. For example, if the bottle of potion symbol appears five times on the same payline then you will receive up to 12x your original stake! There’s also a book of magic spells, a cauldron and some scrolls to look out for, if you’re looking to boost your bank roll.

In order to improve the wins available in the base game, there are two key features that have been implemented. The first is the “Remove Bonus” which involves landing a winning payline with one or more playing card symbols. This, in turn, triggers this bonus. All winning symbols are then removed which gives the player a further chance to earn another winning combo with the new cascading reels. Second is the “Upgrade Bonus” which comes into action when a winning payline is landed with one of the higher value symbols, triggering a win multiplier boost.

The Devil’s Number Slots game is also popular because of its free spins round, which is unlocked by getting three of the number nine scatter symbols on the centre three reels. The nines then turn upside down to form the devilish “666” sequence, giving out 12 free games with the Upgrade and Remove features available to activate during all spins.

Now for a place where rage and riots are encouraged. Cayetano’s Barbarian Treasures is most definitely one for the most barbaric of online Slots players. In this game, you will have the chance to win jackpots exceeding 1,000x your original stake, with the gameplay starting from as little as 0.10 credits! Across five reels and 20 paylines which spin in unison, there are many opportunities to win free spin multipliers across the game.

In order to walk away with the Barbarian Treasure jackpot, players must find five treasure chest wild symbols lining up from left-to-right across active paylines. But, for a chance to enhance your wins, free spins and multipliers are also handy to trigger alongside the jackpot. For the free spins, look out for three or more lightning bolt icons in a row.

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