Best Music Venues in Europe

When you are traveling, it is best to immerse yourself with the sights and sounds. Indeed, visual gems are easy to find

Best Music Venues in Europe

When you are traveling, it is best to immerse yourself with the sights and sounds. Indeed, visual gems are easy to find. However, it will be challenging to feel the city’s true beat. To help you on your next trip, here are some of the best music venues in Europe.

The 100 Club in London, England

Since 1942, the 100 Club in London, England has been the home of live music. Originally, the place was a restaurant that hosts a jazz night once a week. Then, it becomes the home of punk rock and kasyno in the 1970s. The Clash and the Sex Pistols would play in the 100 Club. Since then, the décor and gry hazardowe has been unchanged. As such, you can visit the place and step back in time.

Liceu in Barcelona, Spain

Sometimes, you might think that opera is not your genre. However, Liceu offers a wide range of performances that you will surely love. They perform contemporary and old classic pieces. Sometimes, it will be very difficult to get a ticket to Die Zauberflote and La Boheme. However, you can also select from their broad list of performances. For students, they offer special discounts if you buy the tickets on the same day as the show.

Metelkova Mesto at Ljubljana, Slovenia

This army barracks located in the center of Ljubljana, Slovenia has been converted to a cultural organization. Today, there are eight different venues for music. This is the regular destination of music journalists due to the MENT festival. During the festival, you can experience metal, hardcore, jazz, and electronic genres.

La Riviera at Madrid, Spain

La Riviera can be found on the banks of the Manzanares River. Indeed, this is one of the most popular clubs in Madrid because of its dance nights, music concerts, gry hazardowe, and disc jockey session for large-scale festivals. The club has six bars and it can handle up to 2,500 people. They are also serving whatever drink you want. The club is located at Calle Virgen Del Puerto in Madrid, Spain.

Sidecar in Barcelona, Spain

Sidecar is a small yet intimate venue that will showcase the eclectic music and kasyno of Barcelona, Spain. For many traveling bands, this is their favorite. It can hold 300 people. This means that it is the home of the rowdiest nights in Barcelona, Spain. Indeed, this place is not for the faint-hearted but this is also not to miss.

Melkweg at Amsterdam

Are you now ready to travel to Milky Way? It’s not that far. You can even find it in Amsterdam. Melkweg or Milky Way is the hotspot for high-quality music in the place. In this venue, you can find concerts and festivals. Moreover, you can also visit the art exhibitions for free or even go to the movie sessions. Melkweg offers a wide range of events. As such, if you are on your way to Amsterdam, don’t forget to grab your ticket to the music festival and enjoy the experience. No regrets and you deserve it.

Date Of Update: 12 September 2020, 10:43

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