Bill Gates spends'quality time' with Girl Jennifer Before first divorce hearing wife Melinda

The Microsoft co-founder along with his wife declared their divorce before in May

Bill Gates spends'quality time' with Girl Jennifer Before first divorce hearing wife Melinda

The billionaire was seen in casual apparel in the home with Jennifer, 25, at an Instagram Story submitted for her account on Thursday.

"Nothing better than quality time together with loved ones," Jennifer captioned a photograph along with Bill, who had been dressed in a blue blouse and khaki shorts and shorts. The father-daughter duo seemed to be hanging out in the home and a cute puppy is seen only in front of them at the pic.

Bill was grinning wide with his own daughter, that has been actively submitted about her forthcoming marriage to fiance Nayal Nassar, an Egyptian equestrian jumper.

"After a lot of thought and a great deal of work on the relationship, we've made the choice to end our union," the couple announced in a joint announcement on May 3. "Over the past 27 decades, we've increased three amazing kids and built a base that works all around the world to allow all individuals to lead healthy, productive lives. We continue to discuss a belief in that assignment and will continue our work jointly in the base, however we no longer think we can develop together as a couple in this phase of our own lives. We request privacy and space for our loved ones as we start to navigate this life"

A source recently told Folks the Bill and Melinda's split has been caused by"a combination of items " that finally led them into the decision to go their separate ways after being split privately for some time.

Several reports demonstrated that it had been Melinda who pulled the trigger to the divorce against the Microsoft co-founder and in her official court filing, also suggested that both had set a separation agreement in place.

The initial divorce hearing within their situation is scheduled to occur early Friday in a courtroom in Washington.

The Gateses were wed in 1994 in Hawaii. They met after she started working at Microsoft as a product director in 1987.

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