Carrie Underwood and "Legend Dwight Yoakam" perform an epic duet on stage at 'CMA Summer Jam

Two trailblazers in country musicCarrie UnderwoodAndDwight YoakamCMA Summer Jam was a great collaboration between, and.

Carrie Underwood and "Legend Dwight Yoakam" perform an epic duet on stage at 'CMA Summer Jam

The iconic entertainers joined together for a performance of Yoakam's 1993 hit, "A Thousand Miles from Nowhere," during the star-studded event at Ascend Amphitheater in Downtown Nashville. During their legendary collaboration, the superstar duo also performed Yoakam’s 1986 hit, “Guitars, Cadillacs”.

Below, you can see the performances of "A Thousand Miles from Nowhere", and "Guitars, Cadillacs".

Underwood sported a sequin cowboy hat and a custom outfit by DanielXDiamond for the occasion and documented the look on Instagram before the took the stage on Tuesday evening.

She captioned the boomerang, "Howdy, partner ...,"."

According to the designer, Underwood's look was inspired from an outfit worn by Yoakam.

Designer Daniel Musto said that the jacket was originally a Levi's vintage piece, and then it was embellished with DanielXDiamond exclusive fringe in Los Angeles. This statement was made to Country.

Musto finished the rhinestoning of the embroidery across the back as well as the Alaia heels at Nashville. The custom-rhinestoned cowboy cap that Underwood wears is a favorite piece of DanielXDiamond. It took 25+ hours to make in Los Angeles. To further increase sustainability, the superstar's shorts are also made by DanielXDiamond. They are accented with a vintage deadstock button with rhinestone buttons. Saint Laurent designed the t-shirt.

Underwood captured the moment via social media, with a photograph of the pair together on stage.

"Never in a million years would I have thought I would get to share the stage with someone this cool," the GRAMMY-winning star wrote. "Dwight Yoakam, you are a legend and now a friend!" We are grateful!

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