An investigation of The New York Times argues that China and Russia to listen to the calls that Donald Trump makes from your iPhone ‘not sure’

Despite having been launched on several occasions against Apple, the President of the united states Donald Trump used an iPhone for their personal phone calls and to talk with old partners. And this is a problem, not the phone itself, but because it is a device that does not pass the control of the secret services of the White House.

The consequences of this are serious. According to research by The New York Times, spies, russians and chinese have had access to the personal calls that Trump makes from this device unsafe according to the standards to be applied to a President of the united states by their intelligence services.

The u.s. newspaper cites several reports of the intelligence services of the US, who have reason to believe that Trump has been heard on several occasions to make use of their personal cell phone in place of using the secure line with the White House.

The security officers have been asked on several occasions to the president that you do not use your phone insecure for fear that chinese intelligence can be used against information obtained through espionage. Given the business situation of the US and China in these times, your goal is to avoid a war tax between the two countries that could be detrimental to national companies.

Donald Trump has three phones iphone, but only two of them contain systems of special protection that are installed by the NSA (National Security Agency). The third phone is a normal device and power of the company, as those you buy in shops all over the world.

From China, have received this news with derision. In statements to the South China Morning Post, Hua Chunying, a spokesman of the foreign ministry of China has assured that “If they are so concerned about the spying of iPhone, they can use a Huawei”. The mobile phones of Huawei are banned in the US for fears that they could be used as a tool of espionage.

In the past, the former president Barack Obama used a phone that did not have microphones or cameras and from that you simply could receive and send SMS messages and emails under certain pretexts.

The battle of the employees of security of the Presidency with Trump has been developed since the republican entered the White House, and last year alone managed to renounce his old personal phone in favor of another with better security systems.

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