Choosing Plaque Awards

Motivating employees is a sure way of bringing out their best work, but how do employers show recognition for a job well done?

Choosing Plaque Awards

Motivating employees is a sure way of bringing out their best work, but how do employers show recognition for a job well done? Words always mean something, but when it comes to outstanding performance, there is something to be said for having a memento to look at and strive for.

The use of plaques is a fast-growing way of showing recognition: Employee's names and achievements are engraved and embedded in glass or hardwood, and there is room for detailed customization that can make your company’s branding shine through.

What factors in when choosing and customizing a plaque award that will look great for years to come? The following are some of the tips that can help when selecting the right customized plaque award:

Choose thePerfect Size

What is the ideal size for a plaque award? One train of thought is that the more significant the achievement, the more prominent the award should be. Another thought, of course, is to approach plaque size with a Goldilocks mentality: Not too small that the accomplishment is undermined and you can’t read the engraving, yet not too large that it becomes heavy and cumbersome to display. Get something that is moderately weighty, which gives an impression of quality.

Go for Quality Materials

Quality should always be the priority. Get a plaque that is durable and will travel well. Award plaques are like a treasure to many awardees, and they will love to keep them for ages to come. Look for plaques made of glass and/or hardwood, such as maple, alder, walnut, oak or cherry. Make sure that the plaque contractor uses a top-grade finishing, like a stain and satin finish to keep the and bring out the wood’s color.

Consider the Shape


Most plaques are either rectangle or square, but that doesn’t mean creativity is limited or there haven’t been modern updates. If the award is going to an athlete, then it would make sense for the plaque to bea circular or spherical shape. For prizes that are related to academic excellence and high-level business scores,you can now find plaques that represent the shape of an unfurled scroll.

Add a Portrait on the Plaque

If you want to take the next step in personalization, adding a portrait or photo is the way to go. While including pictures is another cost and is mostly reserved for team or group awards, it does make for a great “Employee of the Month” feature if it’s displayed for customers and clients to see, and will be a great keepsake if the award is meant to be taken home by the recipient.

Go for Engraved Writing

Awards always have some form of engraving on them to note what the award is for, when it was given out and who the recipient is. It is important to note that engraved writing is permanent, so you can order the same engraving if you know annual awards, then go back and get the personalization later.

Engraving should be weighed against the construction material of the plaque. For instance, plaques made of glass should be engraved softly to avoid scratching. Also consider vetting the company who will be engraving the plaque—preview their website and work in-person (if possible) and see if they will offer any discounts on any orders.

Take Your Plaque from 2-D to 3-D

Wanting to take your plaque from extraordinary to extra-extraordinary? 3-D plaques have a design element raised, like someone’s portrait or the company logo. Keep in mind that taking any element 3Dwill cost more, so as long as your budget allows for it, you can really play with dimension depending on what the plaque is for.

Awards represent many things, but stand as a recognition for an employee or team member’s motivation, hard work and dedication. High-quality award plaquesgive credibility to the awardees and show that they are valued. The plaques are also a representation of your company’s values and standards—when they are presented, they need to cement a memorable step for the recipient and yourself. Go for the highest quality you can, and make the award something you can be proud of to present for years to come.

Updated Date: 22 January 2020, 08:28

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