Christian Cowan's NY Fashion Week Show went 102 stories high

Christian Cowan, a British wonderkind, opened New York Fashion Week Friday night to a party atmosphere 102 floors high at the Freedom Tower, on the ground that was shattered by the September 11th attacks.

Christian Cowan's NY Fashion Week Show went 102 stories high

He performed a riot with sequins and feathers as he showed his love for the city he calls home.

The 25-year old designer, who put Lady Gaga's clothes on her back when she was still in fashion school, married Hollywood with Gen Z TikTok -- and the vibes from Lower East Side club children with Upper East Side women who lunch. This time, he wanted to honor New York in the wake of the pandemic and offer hope for a better future.

Cowan spoke of New York's One World Trade Center tower, which he described as "a symbol of New York’s power and resilience". He invited guests to visit the observatory for spectacular night views of New York City and the Hudson River. "I moved to New York five-years ago, but I... Before I arrived in New York, I felt like a New Yorker.

Cowan created a range of night sparklers, day looks, and minis in Valentine's Day red. A slick black show was followed by a silvery party miniature adorned with flatsequins in varying sizes. For several creations, he chose a deep purple and lavender, as well as an embellished body hugger that had one bulbous shoulder.
Pink feathers adorned sleeves and bandeau tops. Trains followed behind his models as they set up camp for the cameras.

He told The Associated Press, "It's all about maximalism." "More is better."

Lady Gaga celebrated Cowan's debut by wearing one of his large hats and matching, sparkly pink pantsuits. Cardi B wore an exaggerated black and white check dress for the cover of "Invasion of Privacy". Miley Cyrus wore sheer white pants and a top with red hearts. After Cowan had dressed Cowan in a ruffle shirt, sequin-silver suit and cowboy boots, his friend Lil Nas X took him to the 2019 MTV VMA Awards.

Candace Bushnell was there to witness his show at the top, which Cowan claims is one of the most important fashion events ever. Would she choose his black-and-white tea-length, stripe dress with feathers at hem? Perhaps his high-neck mermaid style in blush with feathers down to the thigh.

Bushnell, dressed in one his sparkling creations, said that Christian is high-octane glamorous. It's what people wear when they go out and everyone wants to go out right now.

Dorinda Medley of "The Real Housewives of New York" would likely wear the flowing, long-sleeved swirl of pink and white that he wore in another gown.

Always, the goal is to make the party look good.

Cowan stated, "It's all about having lots of fun."


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