Clare Crawley, 'The Bachelorette', Gets Breast Implants Removed after Continuing Health Problems

Clare Crawley is having her breast implants removed. Crawley posted on Instagram Sunday explaining her absence from social media and the health problems that led to her decision to have her breast implants removed.

Clare Crawley, 'The Bachelorette', Gets Breast Implants Removed after Continuing Health Problems

"I am sharing this to help other people going through similar experiences feel less alone." She captioned her explanation, "I felt that this was important so I could be a resource to anyone going through this as well."

She said, "I understand how it can be difficult sometimes to be your own health advocate, and that it can feel like an uphill struggle. But, this is life! I am so grateful to everyone who supports me in my valleys and my highs. "

She explained in the video that she has been struggling with medical issues that her body hasn't addressed for years.

"My skin has been experiencing severe hives and rash. My entire body feels inflamed and itchy. I have had numerous blood tests. She said that this isn't the only sign of my health problems. It's frustrating. All of this came to an abrupt halt about a month ago, when I visited the chiropractor. Behind one of my implants was a large packet of fluid.

Former reality TV star, she revealed that she had a mammogram in order to determine what was going on behind her breast implants. It was then that doctors discovered the sacks of fluid behind her implants. Her white blood count has increased over the years, which doctors believe is due to her implants.

She said, "My body is fighting [my implant]," noting that her glands remain swollen. My body is unable to heal. My body is constantly in fight mode. It all makes sense.

She admitted that she loved her implants but she said she loves her health more. My wellbeing is more important to me. Crawley said that this is what really matters.

She said that she made the decision on her own, and Dale Moss is also supportive. Fans know that the couple got engaged in Crawley's Bachelorette season before they called it quits in January. They were photographed soon together on PDA-filled dates just a few months after they made it official in May.

Dale said to me the other day, "Your boobs don't make you beautiful." It's true. "For so long, I believed that was what it would take," Crawley shared in an emotional moment.

She said, "To me, this is the ultimate love story. It is loving my body enough not to know that this is not what makes you beautiful." It is my health and happiness that matters.

Moss commended his girlfriend for sharing her experience in the hope of helping others.

Moss commented in the comments, "So proud of your sharing this love." I know it was hard, but this will help so many women going through the same thing you have. You are my best friend and I am there for you every step of your journey."

The video below provides more information about the Bachelor Nation couple.

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