Collectibles of the magic duo: "Siegfried

As "Siegfried.

Collectibles of the magic duo: "Siegfried

As "Siegfried

Glittering costumes, expensive jewellery, animal sculptures: almost 500 souvenirs from the estate of the deceased magic duo Siegfried and Roy have been auctioned off in a two-day auction in the USA. At Bonhams in Los Angeles, the last collectibles came under the hammer.

A diamond ring fetched over $35,000 (around 33,000 euros). One bidder paid almost $23,000 for 65 photo albums with images of the legendary illusionists dating back to the 1960s. An elephant sculpture by Salvador Dalí with an estimate of up to $8,000 ended up fetching more than $21,600. An antique French clock in the shape of a tortoise (around 1870-80) fetched just as much. A diamond-studded tiger head pendant found a new owner for more than $7,000. Two of the duo's blue satin stage suits, decorated with sequins and rhinestones, fetched more than $11,000, while a pair of Siegfried lederhosen fetched $1,400.

Among the collector's items and souvenirs of the magicians' decades-long stage career with their exotic wild cats was furniture from their villas in the casino city of Las Vegas. According to the auction house, the proceeds will go to the SARMOTI foundation founded by Siegfried and Roy to protect endangered animals.

Born in Rosenheim, Siegfried Fischbacher died of cancer in January 2021 at the age of 81. Roy Horn from Nordenham near Bremen died in May 2020 at the age of 75 from a Covid 19 infection. "Siegfried

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