Corrie Adam Barlow Celebrity's off-screen Enjoy life - co-star'fling' and Relationship a footballer

Coronation Street lothario Adam Barlow was with virtually all the girls on the cobbles.

Corrie Adam Barlow Celebrity's off-screen Enjoy life - co-star'fling' and Relationship a footballer

He has had a flings with Rosie Webster Eva Price and Maria Connor, wed Sarah Platt and maintained it in the family by putting it on is uncle's spouse Carla Connor.

And the guy behind the personality has also had his fair share of intimate links off-screen.

The Scottish actor stayed for 3 decades, then came straight back to Weatherfield back in 2016 following a stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

It had been promised that Sam needed a short'fling' with Corrie co-star Faye Brookes, who played with Kate Connor, while she had been on a two-week break in the ex-partner Gareth Gates.

Faye and Gareth, that are not together, were stated to have split in the end of 2018 amid allegations of blazing disagreements and neglecting to make their relationship work.

"Her castmates were under the belief that the separation from Gareth was only to perform feeling overwhelmed from the pressure to generate wedding plans"

Before it, 1 thing had led to another. However, Faye was eager to make things work with Gareth and put a stop to matters with Sam moving any farther.

"She wished to be truthful with Gareth and acknowledged what had occurred while they were apart. He believed he might get it over , in the long run, it was just too much"

Mirror Online approached a representative for Faye Brookes and Coronation Street in the time.

Faye did reunite together with all the Pop Idol singer and they have engaged at the beginning of 2019, but only months after they divide again, and now it was really good.

In terms of Sam, he began dating another famous face.

The few drank bubbles in London's Dean Street Townhouse since they chatted and flirted - with a single onlooker stating:"There was a flicker."

It did not go any farther than relationship as Alex showed things got off to a"bad start" if rumours started trapping.

"I never seem to get a great deal of luck on dates," confessed Alex into Fabulous magazine.

"My one date was heading out with Sam [Robertson], who's lovely."

Alex didn't have high hopes but things got off to a rocky start due to the strain surrounding their connection status.

She continued:"The following morning, our photos were over the media because somebody in the restaurant had shot a photograph.

"It was not just a fantastic start!"

Even though Sam is still searching for the love of his life, his personality has settled with Sarah Platt.

But, there were some significant bumps along the street and it remains to be seen whether Sarah and Adam are likely to continue.

Co-star Tina O'Brien, who plays Sarah, has confessed that the future doesn't necessarily look good for the few as she feels insufficient after her guy hauled with Carla.

Talking about their present connection, Tina explained:"I believe she is very happy that things worked out together with her and Adam.

"I believe she is still fairly insecure in relation to matters that have occurred. She has got a bit of seed of bitterness there, that she is never let go of, though they were on a rest, she is not quite prepared to let it move."

Tina continued:"However, I believe she looks really happy and that I believe she is very happy in her career option too, she is doing something she enjoys and she actually needs to make it work."

Peter desperately needs a liver transplant because his alcoholism takes its toll on his torso and Adam has been discovered to be a game after placing himself forward.

But worried Sarah was angry she wasn't educated and begged her husband to reevaluate.

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