Critics say Fourth Thor movie is "funny, but silly".

The Thor movie received a lot of positive reviews.

Critics say Fourth Thor movie is "funny, but silly".

The Thor movie received a lot of positive reviews. Critics described it as both funny and entertaining.

Thor: Love and Thunder, the fourth installment in the superhero series, is based on the Marvel Comics character.

It is a plot twist that sees Jane Foster, Natalie Portman's ex-boyfriend, returning to her with superhuman powers to Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth.

According to The Guardian, Thor: Ragnarok's sequel "repeats some aspects of the masterwork's tongue in cheek approach".

Peter Bradshaw gave it a three-star rating, stating that it was another "cosmic spectacle in the tradition Mike Hodges' Flash Gordon", with lots of "nice gags and big cameos" despite having "missed some major characters" from previous films.

Taika Waititi, an Oscar-winner, directed the movie. Hemsworth, Portman and Christian Bale also feature on-screen, as does Jaimie Alexander.

After the events of Avengers: Endgame 2019, Thor is on a quest for inner peace. Gorr the God Butcher (Bale), who seeks the extermination of all gods, interrupts his search for karma.

He enlists the help Valkyrie (Thompson), Korg(Waititi) and his old earthling astrophysicist friend Jane to fight this evil - who is now in possession Thor's famous hammer, and a red cape.

Bradshaw wrote that "The film is on its strongest ground with some of the most absurd touches such as the squabbling rivalry among the hammer Mjolnir and his new weapon, Stormbreaker - which is always crowding in the frame suspiciously when Thor begins swoonily hanging with Mjolnir. He is unable to accept the fact that Mjolnir has been with Dr Foster now."

"Thor has overcome his weight problems and is now a fine alpha-maledom figure who literally makes young goddesses faint after he is stripped and revealed his manhood (or godhood).

Bradshaw continues to make references to Dr Foster's cancer, and her chemotherapy, even though the film is still filled with "silliness".

It is "effectively ruled" by one cameo, the critic said, and it comes from a major Hollywood star - we won't name him here, but don't worry, it's Zeus.

He concluded that the "self-satire" or comedy that has been Marvel's hallmark of late is "becoming a bit of an cul de sac, but that it isn’t still funny, and Thor still delivers some mighty hammer blow, or rather, an axe-blow of fun."

The Guardian was wrong, and the Independent gave the film four stars. The Independent said that it was a rare Marvel film that remembered its primary audience, which is children.

Clarisse Loughrey wrote, "Ofcourse Ragnarok has its distinctive humor carried over, and the blissfully dumb running gag about a pair giant, heavy-metal-screaming goats." But, the heart is what really matters.

"Love and Thunder's characters all run towards the same conclusion: No matter how short or long our time on Earth or any other planet, we are all inevitably living to the benefit of others.

"We love. We love again. Marvel is a great example of how to remember something simple, even when it's so busy.

Loughrey observed that while the previous film hinted at Thompson's bisexuality, the King of New Asgard was a hint at Thompson's Valkyrie. However, her "deadpan nonchalance", after she lost the woman she loved in war, confirms this.

Variety's Owen Gleiberman praised the movie as "otherworldly", and said he was moved by the last scenes.

He wrote, "I like many Marvel movies just fine. But they are what they're and what they're products."

"This fairy tale has enough boldness and sparkle to be called a fairy tale."

The Sun stated that Love and Thunder did not live up to Thor's expectations. This movie is often referred to as the best and most entertaining entry in Marvel's 29-movie canon.

Critic Grant Rollings stated that the creators missed an opportunity to call it "Thor Four", but he was grateful for Waititi's attempts to recreate Ragnarok "successful recipe".

Waititi said, "By putting comedy in the comic book, Love and Thunder becomes a likeable grumble," while giving out three stars.

Screen Daily deemed the production "rousing", "funny, emotional" and "occasionally unfocused and humorous".

Tim Grierson wrote, "Impressively Waititi opts for a darker tone in later reels. The one-liners, sight gags taking a back seat to a more sombre examination of love and sacrifice."

"Love and Thunder" doesn't always manage to balance light and shadow gracefully, but the film can be very moving when it focuses on Jane and Thor's unshakeable bond.

Finally, Dr Foster may have been able to equal her godly ex, but the new film is still Thor’s playground, stated BBC Culture.

Caryn James wrote that "Disney's marketing plays a good game about Jane wielding Mjolnir's hammer, the God of Thunder, and has become a superhero named Mighty Thor."

True enough, but it's still Thor's original film. Hemsworth has done a better job than ever in making Thor the most humane, real-lifelike, and appealing god, except when he saves the world.

She said, "This big-hearted Thor is thundering and sensitive, which may be just what we need right now."

Thor: Love and Thunder will be available in UK cinemas starting 7 July.

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