David Foster and Katharine McPhee discuss the 35-year age gap: "We have it pretty together."

In 2021, the music producer and alumnus of 'American Idol’ welcomed their first child together.

David Foster and Katharine McPhee discuss the 35-year age gap: "We have it pretty together."

David Foster doesn't care about the age gap he and his wife, Katharine MacPhee.

The Grammy-winning 16-time Grammy winner spoke out about his Las Vegas performance and how life was like for Foster almost a year after their son.

The music producer who has worked with stars like Michael Buble and Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion over the years gushed about how it felt to welcome his wife McPhee onto the Wynn Las Vegas Encore Theater stage on January 21.

Foster, 72, said that Foster gets thunderous applause when she comes out.

It's not easy to perform in front of sold-out audiences while also caring for a newborn. Foster said McPhee hopes to return to showbiz full-time but that for now they have enjoyed working together.

Foster said that Foster's baby is 11 months old and she would like to return to full-time work. It won't be with her, probably. She just said, "OK, I'll grab my baby, I'll sing a few songs, and I'll grab her." She's a star!

Foster, 72, asked McPhee a question about his marriage and how they approach the fascination of the public over their 35-year age difference.

People always refer to Kat and me with their age differences, but I have always maintained that there are many factors that can cause a marriage to fall apart, and the age difference is only one. There are so many things that could go wrong. He said, "We think we have it all together."

Foster was in trouble in December after he had praised his wife's post pregnancy body. He received backlash. McPhee was quick to respond to critics of her husband.

"I'm sorry, but we aren't sorry." McPhee wrote the long caption. "I have struggled with my weight since I was 20 and 30. I have gone up and down ten times. Does that make it easier? She wrote that there is nothing wrong with this - many people do."

Foster and McPhee made it clear that they share a lot, despite being so different in age. The coronavirus pandemic inspired McPhee and Foster to get creative, performing for their fans at home. The result is "The Kat and Dave Show" YouTube. He indicated that there might be more to come, and the possibility of them going on tour together.

Foster stated that Foster believes the two of them in a simplified version -- she and I with a piano and possibly one or two musicians -- could do a great 90-minute show.
The famous songwriter is also enjoying his role as father to his 11-month-old son. McPhee and McPhee were married in 2019. McPhee became a stepmom for his children Sara, Erin, 39 and Jordan, 35. Alison, 51 and Amy, 48. Rennie was born to the couple in 2021.

He told the magazine, "It's great being a father." It's cliché to say that I now have more time. But I do have more time. Without judging any of my other kids, whom I love equally and as much as my son, it's impossible to reflect on them.

Foster will be back on the Las Vegas stage three times more in April, aside from his father duties.
After decades of working behind the scenes to help superstars, he spoke of his joy at being the one on the stage.


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