The school massacre in Uvalde sparks sadness and anger around the world. And the suffering seems to never end, because two days after the shooting at a Texas elementary school, the widower of a teacher who was killed dies.

The husband of one of the teachers who was killed died two days after the school massacre in Texas. Joe Garcia died of a heart attack, Ernie Zuniga, a news anchor for local station Kabb Fox San Antonio, wrote on Twitter. Garcia’s family spoke of a death “of grief”.

A donation website set up by the cousin of the slain teacher Irma Garcia said: Irma’s husband Joe “tragically passed away as a result of a medical emergency” that morning. She believes Joe “died of a broken heart” because he “lost the love of his life,” she added. John Martinez, Garcia’s nephew, tweeted that Joe Garcia “died of grief.”

The couple, who were married for 24 years, according to Robb Elementary School’s website, have four children. Both Irma Garcia and her fellow teacher Eva Mireles, who shared classrooms, died in the school massacre.

The massacre has sparked renewed political debate in the United States about gun laws in the country. A tightening of gun laws in the USA has failed for many years due to a fundamental disagreement between Democrats and Republicans on this issue. While many Democrats have long called for a substantial tightening of gun laws in the country, many Republicans vehemently oppose it.

An 18-year-old killed 19 children and two teachers with an assault rifle at the elementary school in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday. He was eventually shot dead by police officers. The motive of the attacker is still unclear.