Demi Lovato shows off a new spider tattoo

The singer wore a tattoo depicting a large spider on their head. Lovato said that Dr. Lovato was the celeb tattoo artist who inked the ink. Woo.

Demi Lovato shows off a new spider tattoo

"By @_dr_woo_. Lovato captioned the pic with "Now @alchemistamber, fix my hair please."

They explained that the Grandmother Spider inspired the ink.

Lovato wrote, "It was Grandmother spider who taught us many things." She taught us pottery and weaving. She taught us about fire, light and darkness. She showed us how we all are connected via the internet, each of us having our place in the world.

Lovato received a second tattoo in August by Dr. Woo's tattoo reads "Love will live forever within the infinite universe." This quote is surrounded with stars and planets.

Lovato revealed that they are notbinary last May and made changes to their pronouns. Lovato told fans that they were "proud" of the change after doing a lot of self reflection.

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