Disappeared after festival: missing 25-year-old found dead in lake

Tobias D.

Disappeared after festival: missing 25-year-old found dead in lake

Tobias D. visits a brass music festival with friends. But then the 25-year-old disappears without a trace. The Bavarian police are launching a large-scale search operation. Now, a swimmer in a nearby lake makes a grisly discovery.

According to media reports, Tobias D. from Eichenried in Bavaria, who has been missing for days, is dead. As reported by the "Abendzeitung" and the "Bild" newspaper, the 25-year-old's body was discovered in Lake Eiching. Bathers are said to have discovered the lifeless body floating on the surface of the lake and brought it to shore before the rescue workers arrived. The young man disappeared without a trace on Friday evening at a nearby brass music festival. Most recently, around 70 police officers had searched for the missing person.

Tobias D. visited the "Brass Wiesn" festival in Eching with a group on Friday. According to the police, the friends lost sight of each other around 9 p.m. Because the telephone contact with D. also broke off, his companions reported him to the police as missing. A large-scale search operation followed, in which a helicopter, the lifeguard and a dog unit were also involved.

At the same time, D.'s girlfriend launched a call for help on social media. One of her posts says that D. bought a beer at a beer tent shortly before 11 p.m. on Friday. The site then had to be cleared due to the storm. D. was then "seen heavily intoxicated at the entrance to the campsite" again. "He was injured," she writes.

The girlfriend's call was shared thousands of times. A spokesman for the police department in Upper Bavaria North said on Monday: "So far we have no reliable information as to where the young man could be and we will expand the search". The police spokesman did not want to comment on assumptions and speculation about what could have happened that evening. There is no evidence that the young man was involved in an accident.

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