EastEnders spoilers: Jean Slater Worries she'll become drug lord at cannabis Jolt

When she later captured Mo locking the garage up not to mention hightailing it out of sight if a police car drove past -- she determined it was time to get into the base of the conundrum.

EastEnders spoilers: Jean Slater Worries she'll become drug lord at cannabis Jolt

Mo, being Mo, maintained there was nothing to talk about, but if the police came knocking, she chose to come clean!

Viewers were retained in the dark -- so to speak -- to get just a little bit more, but Jean's horrified response to Mo's big secret was sufficient to affirm that -- it was she had been hiding -- it was not above board!

Jean then put aside her fears, and said a fond farewell to Mo, who abandoned the Square at a somewhat heartwarming scene -- one which has been reminiscent of Jean's 2013 death, when she waved her loved ones off.

Mo's departure, however, didn't obtain a Julia's Theme -- and we guess it would have certainly benefited from you.

The reason -- we are assuming -- it didn't get the soap trademark psychological melody, is because there was some story left to tell. To put it differently, the soap needed audiences to learn exactly what Mo's big secret was prior to the signature Doof Doof.

Zack Hudson (James Farrar) -- that has apparently taken a liking to Jean given that she basically brought him into the Square -- provided to help her if she ever require a hand.

With this, Jean accepted his offer, before encouraged him to her garage.

Zack -- such as the crowd, no doubt -- was stunned, since the garage was filled with cannibis!

'I want you to help me eliminate the Zack,' said Jean. 'I really don't wish to be a drug lord'

Medication lord Jean? We beg.

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