Ed Sheeran shares video for new single 'Bad Habits'

Ed Sheeran returns to music after a two year hiatus. Dave Meyers directed the accompanying video for the track. Sheeran portrays a vampire who goes on wild night out with other goblins. You can watch it below.

Ed Sheeran shares video for new single 'Bad Habits'

Sheeran stated in a statement that it was great to be back with the new single. "I wanted to use vampires in the video for Bad Habits because it would play on the nature and consequences of habits in an amazing way. The heights were not so much fun, but it was great fun to get into character. Enjoy x

Sheeran wrote and produced "Bad Habits" with his long-time collaborators Johnny McDaid, FRED. The song will be featured on Sheeran's fifth album, which is his first since 2019's No.6 Collaborations project.

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