El Hormiguero Pablo Motos challenges Pedro Sánchez: "I renew the invitation in case you want to come and reply"

In the last general elections, a schism was caused between Pablo Motos and Pedro Sánchez

El Hormiguero Pablo Motos challenges Pedro Sánchez: "I renew the invitation in case you want to come and reply"

In the last general elections, a schism was caused between Pablo Motos and Pedro Sánchez. Sánchez was the only candidate who refused the invitation to go to El Hormiguero. That decision did not sit well with Pablo Motos, he has said it a thousand times during all this time.

This led to the fact that from that moment Pedro Sánchez ceased to be a 'friend' of El Hormiguero and that every time the President of the Government did something there, the program would be there so as not to let it pass.

After the municipal and regional elections last Sunday, that tug of war that El Hormiguero has maintained during this time has increased even more. It is true that this season the attacks by Podemos and members of the political formation in the Government on the program and on Pablo Motos have been fierce, even as fierce as those that Pedro Sánchez pointed out this Wednesday to his deputies.

"The campaign is going to be even more fierce from prime time shows where people who only represent themselves pontificate without the right to reply," were the words of the President of the Executive. He did not mention any journalist, any media or any program, but those who had to take the hint did.

First, Ana Rosa Quintana, who this Thursday already answered him in his program describing Pedro Sánchez's words as Trumpism, and at night it was the turn of Pablo Motos, who, like Ana Rosa Quintana, has also felt alluded to by the Sanchez's words But Pablo Motos did not hide it, he was very clear: "It seems to me that the statements he has made catch us close. To us or to MasterChef".

Pablo Motos knows perfectly well that MasterChef has nothing to do with this, but you have to hide it. It is clear that Sánchez's words were not spoken in a moment of rapture. And equally that the response of the aforementioned was not going to be smooth.

Pablo Motos's reference to these words was not as lethal as that of Ana Rosa Quintana. Pablo Motos knows that an 'offended' response to Sánchez does not harm him. If Pablo Motos had delivered a speech against Sánchez last night, Sánchez would not have cared and Pablo Motos would have been swept away like a tsunami. errors or those of the members of his Government.

So at Sánchez's words, Pablo Motos decided to make an exceptional turn of the helm: invite Sánchez to go to the program and reply to him.

"Just in case it refers to us, I renew the invitation to our president of the Government, who did not want to attend the other elections," recalled the presenter of El Hormiguero. "I will be delighted to receive him and give him the whole hour to reply and say what he wants. We will be delighted," said Pablo Motos. "If a president of the Government asks to go on television, it takes between one and three seconds to say yes," he added.

"But hey, maybe he wasn't going for us and he was referring to Wyoming," he released the final taunt. There it is, Pablo Motos has extended his hand to Pedro Sánchez and now the ball is in the president's court.

"Honestly, I think that criticizing the media is quite old. The media can comment on the things that not only Pedro Sánchez do, but the politicians to whom we pay their salaries," argued Cristina Pardo at the time.

"We're completely eliminating critical thinking society permanently. So they create cults. You hear someone else from the extreme left say that all the media is right-wing. You talk to someone from the extreme right and they say that all the media is left. It seems to me that we all have to reflect on what is happening and what each one of us thinks," continued Juan del Val, who has had his week of glory after describing Podemos as "fascists" in El Hormiguero on Monday.

Pablo Motos wanted to settle the answer and insisted that El Hormiguero has nothing personal against Pedro Sánchez: "When another person is in power, we will criticize that other person who is in power. That is a very healthy thing that democracy has If when they send they are wrong. Although then it is whether they do nonsense or not "

In the previous elections and those before, Pablo Motos opened the program to all candidates. In the first of Sánchez, he did attend and it was a program like any other, like the rest of the candidates. In those after Sánchez refused to go. Pablo Motos has told it several times that he called him, that he invited him and that there were only long calls from his team, not even from Sánchez himself.

For the elections on July 23, in addition to being in the summer, the heat, the vacations and all those problems that are being pointed out, El Hormiguero has no opportunity for the candidates to go because by those dates El Hormiguero is no longer there. on antenna. The only possibility would be to do it in this month of June. The question now is whether Pedro Sánchez will accept Pablo Motos's challenge and take Pablo Motos' right to reply.

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