Emmerdale traces up affair for Liam with improbable resident hours later marrying Leyla?

EMMERDALE resident Liam Cavanagh had just been married two or three hours and he'd betrayed his wife Leyla by listening to texts he stated he'd deleted.

Emmerdale traces up affair for Liam with improbable resident hours later marrying Leyla?

Emmerdale fans watched Liam Cavanagh (played with Johnny McPherson) and Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) state"I do" to another this day following several hiccups. However, the last scene of this incident saw Liam listen to the voicemails of Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) - that the voicemails he advised Leyla he'd deleted. Is the physician having second thoughts hours by getting Leyla's husband?

Earlier in the event, Bernice was abandoned with the incorrect impression as it arrived to Liam.

She believed her ex-finance was in love with her was getting cold feet about quitting Leyla.

Viewers saw the hairdresser wear her wedding gown - the apparel she was intended to use to walk down the aisle into Liam - and prepare to gatecrash Leyla's big moment.

Leyla shortly discovered about Bernice's strategy and led over to get it out with her, just to be horrified at seeing her nemesis dressed .

Liam followed by Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) in tow and he advised his ex he'd moved on and wished to wed Leyla.

"My feet are not cold, actually they're amazingly warm!"

Bernice cried.

"However, you did!" Leyla exclaimed. "And here we are, he isn't pining for you and I'm not a rally, we adore each other, we are best buddies, we create every other ridiculously pleased. If none of that matters for you personally and you believe that you can catch him well perhaps that's why you're so painfully lonely.

"This was somewhat harsh," Bernice muttered but Liam defended:"I believe her feelings are perfectly justified," and if Bernice asked him if this was exactly what he desired he said:"Yes"

She lasted.

"What I need is to marry my lovely bride and start our life together. Please, Bernice, please, take this," the doctor remarked.

However, if Leyla excused herself from the wedding reception to pop home and change her sneakers and Liam chose this as a chance to listen to exactly what Bernice had stated on the voicemails the evening before.

The first thing was"Hi Dr Cavanagh, it is me Bernice, it was really beautiful to see you now. Goodbye."

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