Eurovision RTVE's "hot" bet for the Benidorm Fest 2024: "There is everything and for all tastes"

After weeks of expectation, speculation and hoaxes on Twitter, this Saturday, Spanish Television presented the 16 contestants of the Benidorm Fest

Eurovision RTVE's "hot" bet for the Benidorm Fest 2024: "There is everything and for all tastes"

After weeks of expectation, speculation and hoaxes on Twitter, this Saturday, Spanish Television presented the 16 contestants of the Benidorm Fest. The Spanish preselection for Eurovision 2024, which will take place in May in Malmö. The event, held at the Alameda Theater in Seville, was chaired by María Eizaguirre, director of Communication and Participation of RTVE, Ana María Bordas, director of Originales, and César Vallejo, one of the creators of the contest.

According to the team in charge, the third edition of the Benidorm Fest is defined as "a showcase" of Spanish music, which aims to show a wide range of genres, through indie, pop, rock and even classical proposals. "There is everything and for all tastes," they said from the public broadcasting entity, before presenting the nervous candidates. Among which stand out well-known faces, emerging artists and faces with a certain trajectory.

For example Angy Fernández. The well-known Paula from Physics or Chemistry, who left music after releasing her second album, Drama Queen, in 2013. «I have decided to present myself to overcome a little of my fear, my insecurity and that prejudice that actresses cannot sing," he told EL MUNDO this Saturday in an interview in which he also revealed that he will compete with a song composed by Thomas G:son, the person responsible for Euphoria and Tattoo by Loreen and Quédate mí by Pastora Soler.

Another who has had a powerful composition team has been Jorge González. The former participant of Operación Triunfo and La Voz, who has appeared for the Eurovision preselection on two occasions. «The song that I will bring to Benidorm has been written by David Parejo, who wrote Postureo for Azúcar Moreno and LOVIU, the song that Sandra Valero will bring to Junior Eurovision this year. And what are we talking about? Of passion! We are going to propose a very warm moment, which is capable of igniting Europe. “It will be very hot,” he noted.

On the other hand, among the most famous candidates is the Malaga singer-songwriter María Peláe, who has composed an "ultra-sincere" song, along with her partner, Sweet California member Alba Reig. «It's a song with which I keep nothing and I manage to release everything. I have worked hand in hand with my girlfriend, who is half of my team. “She is the one who, having an international vision, dresses my songs differently,” she mentioned.

Along the same lines, the Miss Caffeína trio - which has half a million monthly listeners - assures that it will sing, with total honesty, about hypocrisy, "to the people who criticize for the sake of criticizing" and "to those who feel that they always have to have an opinion." «What you will hear is a dance song, but it has a great message behind it... And it is not necessarily political! It is a greeting to those people who have to leave their mark, as if someone was interested," said its leader, Alberto Jiménez.

And when it comes to groups, another famous trio also stands out: Mantra. A group made up of former Auryn member Carlos Marco, his friend Charly Weinberg and Paula Pérez, who participated in the casting of OT in 2017. Mantra began its journey in 2018 and has already collaborated with established artists, such as Edurne and Carlos Baute. «We are very happy to have been selected. We've been on easy tears all day. But we also feel a great responsibility. “We come ready to give everything,” they indicated.

Three duos will also participate in this edition of the Benidorm Fest. We are talking about Lérica - formed by Juan Carlos Arauzo, representative of Spain in Eurojunior 2005, and Tony, Abraham Mateo's brother -, the veterans of the contest: the Alicante couple Nebulossa, who, in 2022, appeared at the Una Voz casting for San Marino, and the popular Marlena girls. The former participants of Factor X Italy and Factor But maybe this is a good time to resume that contact," they commented, laughing.

Likewise, Lérica also rubs shoulders with big stars. Like Mexican celebrity Belinda. Despite this, the artists keep their feet on the ground. «Being here is facing a challenge. It is the opportunity to get out of our comfort zone and we want to live this as a unique experience. So we hope to be able to deliver everything. Furthermore, we think you will really like the song, but we cannot reveal it until December 14, at the Benidorm Fest press conference," they stated.

According to well-known faces, in recent days they have developed an intense relationship with singers whose fame has not yet exploded. These are the Catalan pianist Roger Padrós, Almácor (who was recently nominated for the LOS40 Music Awards), the Canary Islander Dellacruz, known for composing for Bombai and Sergio Dalma, Noan -who sings with Edurne in Best Moments-, the UPA actor Next Quique Niza, the former contestant of TV3's Eufòria Sofía Coll, the former participant of Dúos Increíbles Yoly Saa, and St. Pedro.

St. Pedro went through La Voz in 2017 and, according to his own words, decided not to become the talent winner so he could travel to Miami, along with Rebeca León. The promoter of Rosalía's career, with whom the Spaniard still continues to work. «What you see today is the result of a very slow process. I watched Eurovision when I was little and it seems like a dream to be able to participate in the Benidorm Fest in 2024. It's something unthinkable. "It's crazy!" She said from the capital of Andalusia.