Everyone Is (Affectionately) Dunking on Tom Holland for His Birthday

Today is an amazing day! The celebrity turned 25 years old, so many well-wishes and praise for the Uncharted celebrity began to roll in. From fans to actors alike, we are all celebrating our present Peter Parker on his day.

Everyone Is (Affectionately) Dunking on Tom Holland for His Birthday

That also means people are slightly teasing Holland, as we all love to do because he's fun and carefree on line and very much a smiley man. Hence the birthday messages have been ranging from gently making use of him to emphasise his work or fans becoming emotional about the celebrity's birthday. Oh and obviously plenty of people sharing the video of Tom Holland acting"Umbrella" at Lip Sync Battle against Zendaya that everyone loves to talk about.

The birthday messages for Tom Holland have begun to come in from his Marvel co-stars, plus they are just as funny as you would expect--largely Mark Ruffalo sharing an image of himself and Holland and making fun of this Spider-Man celebrity for spoiling things from the Marvel Cinematic Universe without understanding it.

Many online flocked to wishing the celebrity a happy birthday and were sharing memories of Holland spoiling things, that beautiful Lip Sync Battle functionality that Holland will never rid himself of, and much more!