First hot weekend of the year: Heat in Germany - Sahara dust of all things "cools"

Germany is a big Ü30 zone this weekend.

First hot weekend of the year: Heat in Germany - Sahara dust of all things "cools"

Germany is a big Ü30 zone this weekend. So far, however, the meteorologists have not reported a new heat record. In the north, the sweating has already come to an end. Cooling from above will also reach other parts of the country tomorrow - after another hot hour.

Germany is sweating in large parts in the first hot weekend of the year. In many places, the mercury column climbed well above the 30-degree mark. According to the DWD, values ​​of around 35 degrees were measured in a wide strip from the southwest to eastern Saxony. So far, however, the feared record values ​​​​of more than 38 degrees have not materialized. However, that could change tomorrow, Sunday. Outdoor pools reported a rush during the last weekend of the calendar spring. Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach warned to pay attention to older people.

With the exception of the coastal regions and higher-altitude areas as well as in the south-east of Bavaria, the temperatures rose well above the 30-degree mark over the course of the day. In stark contrast, it stayed at 20.2 degrees in Erfde in Schleswig-Holstein.

The weather service had already warned of extreme heat for the entire weekend on Friday and Saturday morning. The previous heat record of 38.3 degrees for the second decade of June from 2002 could even be set or exceeded, it was said. According to the DWD, the fact that it has not been quite as extreme so far could be due to the fact that the hot air also brought Sahara dust to Germany, which somewhat shielded the sun's rays.

According to the meteorologists, it should be very hot again on Sunday. UV radiation will also reach high values ​​again.

In the coming night, according to the RTL weather department, clouds will spread to a line between Münsterland and Western Pomerania. There will be heavy rain showers and thunderstorms. In Emsland and Schleswig-Holstein, prolonged rainfall can result in between 15 and 30 liters per square meter within twelve hours. Where it rains, the temperatures drop to a cool 12 to 14 degrees, but otherwise the night at 14 to 19 is much more pleasant than the day. Quite different in the west, south-west and Saxony: Here there is a tropical night at 20 to 25 degrees.

On Sunday, the rain will move north over the Baltic Sea. Otherwise Sunday begins sunny everywhere. In the west, however, from North Rhine-Westphalia, more and more clouds are gathering before noon and the first thundery showers can form. These spread in the afternoon along the low mountain ranges to the east. Local storms with squalls, hail and heavy rain can develop.

It will remain sunny in the southern half and the risk of thunderstorms will be limited to the mountains. South of a line from Trier to Berlin, 30 to 36 degrees are reached again, from the Upper Rhine via Franconia to southern Brandenburg and Lusatia even 38 to 39 degrees. In the north and northwest it cools down to 20 to 25 degrees, on the coast to 16 to 18 degrees.

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