From Canada, An Interesting New Tourism Industry Arises

With worldwide economic issues slowing growth in many areas, Canada’s impressive tourism gains are something to rejoice about.

From Canada, An Interesting New Tourism Industry Arises
With worldwide economic issues slowing growth in many areas, Canada’s impressive tourism gains are something to rejoice about. Intelligence says that tourism in the world's second largest country has enjoyed over 4% increases in the past year, and that tourists are spending over $9billion dollars between them – whether they’re foreign or domestic visitors. In actual fact, more Canadians opt to travel within the country than internationally, so they’re also behind that driving force.

So why is this? Well, the report points to Canada’s “USPs” in their vibrant cities with such natural backdrops, but Canada also offers plenty of activities, too. One of these is casino entertainment, of which there are over 100 in the nation. As this number continues to grow, it’s interesting to note the rise and rise of this key component of tourism in the country. As you can see, a focus on variety enhances these establishments' chances of attracting more and more visitors.

Stoney Nakoda Casino Resort, Banff, Alberta

There’s no wonder that this casino-meets-hotel calls itself the “base camp of the Rockies” – it’s because it literally is. With scenes unrivalled around the world, the stunning Rock Mountains make this casino an attractive place to unwind after a long day of exploring.

With over 250 slot machines to choose from, visitors would not be disappointed. In addition to a multitude of table games and even tournaments, the casino action gets into full swing. But if people are visiting as part of a vacation, does this exclude them from taking part in such tournaments? After all, not everyone is going to have had access to such impressive facilities at home! The answer is not at all. With offering tips and insight into the different online casinos available, visitors may not have physically visited one before, but their digital visits are another story. Offering the chance to brush up on games like poker, blackjack, and roulette, online casinos are also strong in Canada.

River Rock Casino Resort, British Columbia

Those who vacation in the hopes of finding luxury won’t go wrong with this Resort. Thanks to the fact that it’s the only four-star hotel-meets-casino in Western Canada, visitors come first for the experience, and secondly for the games.

Delicious food, an impressive theatre, gym/spa and harbour views only add to this gaming paradise, which, as you might imagine, plays host to ordinary casino tables, in addition to high limit gaming. While it is exclusive, a student discount is offered, so that those who just want to try their hand (literally) can give it a go.

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, Ontario  

Niagara Falls already offers an abundance of activities, so a casino only adds another dimension. After an afternoon of boating out to the Falls themselves and getting absolutely soaked, visitors flock in their droves to this Resort.

Boasting thousands of casino games and live entertainment from a multitude of famous acts, one can see why the Canadians are once again so big on their unique selling points. Here it’s unquestionably the ability to have all the fun of Vegas with none or the arid desert or heat. With the view on offer here, this resort is truly impressive to all.

"Niagara Falls Night Skyline" (CC BY 2.0) by Prayitno / Thank you for (12 millions +) view

On paper, it’s easy to see why Canada’s casino niche of the tourism industry is growing from strength to strength. Combining the allure of partying a la Vegas with the natural charm of a natural beauty such as Canada, seems to be working. It's all about being in the right place, at the right time - and Canada is certainly the right place.

Date Of Update: 25 July 2017, 08:02

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