The Supreme Court has given for completion of the investigation of the coup of October and has ordered the opening of oral proceedings to the 18 processed. But while the Justice does its job, the Executive is trying to harass you by naked political interest. You can’t draw another conclusion from the analysis of the past movements, from the visit to the prison Lledoners Paul’s Churches -where it left off with an obscene message, so obvious: “it’s Now time to move to the Government”- to the countless manifestations of socialist leaders and ministers against the grade penalty determined by the Supreme court: the crime of rebellion. The president of the Government appealed to Federico Trillo to justify his change of position, as if in opposition called for the update of the crime of rebellion, covering the modalities coups beyond the military component, does not exhibit the same strength now in The Moncloa thanks among other to the two parties who carried out the assault on the rule of law and to the unit.

Let us say it with clarity. We are faced with a political operation that involves all the parties that collaborated on the motion of censure, with the PSOE to the head. The game, which most years accumulates to the front of the Government in a democracy, he has given numerous samples in the past to not feel too much respect for the separation of powers, in the same way that the PP has tried to handle the judges in their benefit, and this newspaper has criticized both of them in such circumstances. But there is no precedent for what is happening: that the party of Government is allied with the declared enemies of the State to agree, through a change of power present and future, the impunity of an attempted whose gravity is explained quickly: have yielded, the Spain that we know would be gone. If it didn’t happen was because a handful of judges is not agreed to rinses. That’s why the pardon would not be just a humiliation historic: it is also the best incentive for another blow. This explains that the Supreme burst against the pressures exerted by the Government and warned that “it is taking in, as normal, the destruction of the rule of law.”

Since the Prosecution has refused to date to submit to the plan of the Executive, Sanchez is now maneuvering with the State bar to support the qualification of sedition, something more benevolent, together with the embezzlement. A gesture like the Churches claimed and that Joan Tardà demanded as the price of support of ERC Budgets. It cannot be said of Sanchez, who made no effort to relieve the horizon criminal coup-makers to change to continue as president. Seeks to build a coalition of nationalists and populists under the banner of a left-hand alleged that acordone the centre-right in opposition to the price of degrading the institutions.

According to the criteria of

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