Heather Morris, star of 'Glee,' honors Naya rivera with a tribute tattoo: "Tomorrow isn't promised"

In July 2020, the actress from 'Glee' drowned in a lake close to Los Angeles.

Heather Morris, star of 'Glee,' honors Naya rivera with a tribute tattoo: "Tomorrow isn't promised"

Heather Morris, a friend and co-star on "Glee", has written a touching tribute to Naya Rivera one year after her tragic death.

Morris, 34, got a tattoo on Wednesday that bore a quote from Rivera's last tweets.

Morris wrote "Tomorrow isn't promised" on her left arm. She shared the process in a series and video from Instagram, as well as photos and videos of Rivera.

It hasn't been easier to write captions. "You are the brightest star to my eyes Naya Rivera," Morris said in an emotional caption in commemoration of Rivera's passing. "I am so thankful GOD LAYED A HAND on us and brought us together as best friend, mom friend, scene partners, and all things in between."

Morris said, "Your legacy lives on through kindness and being 'that Sassy Queen' in my eyes." "I will always love you, bebe girl."

The complete tweet Rivera sent on the evening hours July 2, 2020 reads: "No matter the year, circumstance or strifes, every day you're still alive is a blessing. Make the most of each day and every moment you're given. Tomorrow isn't promised.

The simple selfie was taken by the mother, singer, and author. She is seen smiling on a hard surface while wearing a white collar shirt and gold hoop earrings. Her dark hair is dangling over her left shoulder.

Rivera died tragically last year after drowning in Lake Piru, Los Angeles.

Her most prominent role was that of Santana Lopez, a sharp-tongued, golden-voiced character on "Glee." But she also had success in "Step Up: High Water" as well as in her final role: Catwoman in two animated Batman films.

Rivera took Josey, her 4 year old son, to Lake Piru, near Los Angeles, Calif., for a day on water.

In security footage taken in the area, you can see the actress arriving at a dock with her car and then walking with Josey to rent an boat.

The Ventura County Medical Examiner released both the investigative and autopsy reports. Fox News obtained the Fox News report. It details the final moments of the actress from " Glee". She was seen helping her 4-year-old son to sleep on the boat wearing a life vest.

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